“Appalled” FBI Gets Obliterated After Issuing Statement Regarding the Proud Boys Confronting and Unmasking “White Nationalists”

TGP’s Brian Lupo reported that during a “flag-wave” at an Oregon City protest on Saturday, a white nationalist group known as the Rose City Nationalists attempted to mix ranks with the Portland Chapter of the Proud Boys.

After pushing and shouting and a brief confrontation, several of the white nationalist group members had their masks ripped off as they fled while attempting to cover their faces.


The Rose City Nationals is a self-proclaimed “pro-white” group in the Pacific Northwest that attempted to join ranks with the Proud Boys in protesting the grooming of children.

Many on social media alleged afterwards that the white nationalists were actually FBI agents in disguise who wanted to provoke the Proud Boys. The Biden regime has falsely blamed the Proud Boys for J6 and has been tossing their members in prison.

Disgraced former RINO Congressman Adam Kinzinger added more fuel to the theory with this response to people alleging this was all a false flag. Did he know something or was he just spouting off?

One prominent political commentator certainly thought Kinzinger let the cat out of the bag.

The FBI issued a statement declaring themselves “appalled” that anyone would dare suggest they were involved in the brawl. We all know they would “never” adopt such methods.

In an ironic twist, their response left Kinzinger, one of their biggest fans, with egg on his face.

Unsurprisingly, nobody believed the FBI.


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