US Border Patrol Discovers Child Pornography On Chinese Migrant’s Phone

A Chinese migrant who was being held at an immigration processing center in McAllen, Texas is facing charges after Border Patrol agents discovered child pornography on his phone.

Valley Central has reported Chinese citizen Tong Sun, 46,  is now facing charges of possession of child pornography after Sun crossed into McAllen, Texas with the child exploitation material on his phone.

Border Patrol agents made the discovery after they asked Sun for consent to search through his phone to which Sun complied.

In an investigation interview by Homelands Security agents Sun stated “he intended to delete the videos in Mexico, prior to crossing into the United States illegally, but did not get the opportunity.”

Per Valley Central:

A migrant from China is facing charges after U.S. Border Patrol found child pornography on his phone while at an immigration processing center, a criminal complaint revealed.

Tong Sun is facing charges of possession of child pornography that has been mailed, shipped or transported, federal records detail.

As Title 42 has officially ended over 530 Chinese citizens have been placed in custody in various border detention centers’ across the US-Mexico border but hundreds more have been undetected.

Most of the Chinese citizens crossing into the United States are military aged men.


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