THE WALKING DEAD: Flesh-Eating Drug is Taking Over Los Angeles Streets and Turning People into Literal Zombies (PHOTOS)

Credit: KTLA Youtube Screenshot

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on the arrival of a new drug that rots the flesh of users. Now it has completely taken over the streets of Los Angeles according to a Thursday local report.

The substance, which is called xylazine, is a sedative generally used by veterinarians to anesthetize animals. Its effect on humans is horrifying, however.

Xylazine often completely disfigures users. The drug often causes users to develop sores, can result in leg amputation, and cause death from overdosing. When combined with a deadly opioid like fentanyl, xylazine exacerbates the risk of “respiratory depression” meaning users stop breathing and die.

“It’s really gruesomely disfiguring people,” Bill Bodner, a DEA special agent, told KTLA on Thursday. “It’s much more likely to stop someone from breathing and the things that come along with xylazine, it’s a vasoconstrictor. So when you’re injecting it, it’s actually reducing the blood circulation.”

Local news crews have captured the impact on individuals after they have consumed xylazine. As one can see, the users look like literal zombies.

Credit: KTLA/Daily Mail
Credit: KTLA
Credit: KTLA

The Gateway Pundit will not be showing photos illustrating the effect xylazine has on skin because the images may be too gruesome for readers.

Cary Quashen, an addiction expert, told KTLA that the omnipresence of xylazine in LA and its catastrophic effects on humans are something she has never seen.

I’ve never seen anything like what we’re dealing with right now.

We had a woman come in and her sister had passed away from a fentanyl overdose. But not only was it a fentanyl overdose but her skin was starting to rot, the muscles on her leg, and her arm. So that’s a sure sign of xylazine.

What is even more disturbing is that despite the xylazine’s deadly effects on humans, the drug is completely legal. This has contributed authorities dropping the ball and allowing xylazine to rapidly spread.

The legality of the substance also limits the tools officials can use to remove xylazine from the LA streets.

The LA County Sheriffs Department, though, has a plan. They have started a program to track the presence of xylazine in confiscated, illegal drugs.

The department hopes this will give them a pathway to stop the spread of xylazine.

They cannot count on effective help from the Democrat politicians running LA, however. Officials there and in other major Democrat-run cities have coddled drug addicts for decades.

For example, one soft policy that predictably failed was the opening of the Tenderloin Center in San Francisco last year to reduce the city’s drug and homelessness crisis.

As the Daily Mail reported, the idiots running the city thought this would be a “safe place” for addicts to “get high without getting robbed” and without fear of fatally overdosing. They ended up flushing $22 million of taxpayer money down the toilet.

In the meantime, countless individuals will continue to have painful and terrible deaths.


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