Tayler Hansen: The “All Ages” Drag Show Epidemic Plaguing America

This article originally appeared on Tayler Hansen Substack and was republished with permission.

As a child, I remember hearing about the great things the future would hold for my generation, and the generations that would come after. Flying cars, advanced healthcare, Utopian like living conditions. Instead, we have full grown men sexualizing children, groups pushing to “destigmatize” pedophilia, and an entire generation of children being taught to hate themselves, their parents, and their country. Children are being groomed into sterilizing themselves by receiving what the machine calls “Gender Affirming Healthcare”. Which of course is referring to butchering children’s private parts which leaves them infertile, stuck on medications, prone to infections, and reliant on the very system that is responsible for confusing and mutilating them in the first place. Don’t get this twisted, the point of exposing children to gender ideology and drag shows is to destroy the innocence of America’s youth, and it’s working.

I knew the “civilized society” Americans take so much pride in was heading down a dark path while reporting on non-stop civil unrest in 2020. But I never expected the culture to take a turn this drastic.

In just the last year, I have attended and exposed more “All Ages” or “Family Friendly” Drag Shows than I can count. This started during June of 2022, or what the Machine markets as “Pride Month”. The first event I covered took place in a gay bar named Mr Missters, located in Dallas, TX. This event was the start of something much bigger than I realized at the time, the coverage that would take place would lead to nationwide protests outside of “All Ages” Drag Shows which have been documented in EVERY state. Oddly enough, Texas, where we are constantly told not to mess with, has seen more of these events, and protests, than any other state in the country.

I remember walking into the gay bar and the first thing I saw were two signs which read “It’s Not Going To Lick Itself” and “I Licked It So It’s Mine”. Signs that local ANTIFA would later try to say were “photoshopped” and taken from an Ice Cream Stores website.

After entering the event, which was named “DRAG YOUR KIDS TO PRIDE”. I noticed there were over five children in attendance, one was even wearing a “Don’t Mess With Trans Kids” shirt. Almost every child attending was with their mother(s), it seemed like the dads of these children missed the memo or something.

I remember sitting there at the bar alongside Aldo Buttazoni in complete disbelief in what we were witnessing. In the moment I couldn’t fathom that this gay bar with sexual signs and scantily dressed men posing as women were about dance for little children with easily malleable minds. The environment was that of a strip club or a burlesque show. Looking around I was in complete disbelief watching parents, who are supposed to protect their children from perversion, were hooting and hollering in anticipation for men to dance sexually for their children.

As the show started, a young child was sitting next to me at the bar top, he looked miserable and out of place. He was playing with a rubiks cube and Nintendo throughout the entire performance. The bartender began talking to him as he was serving alcoholic beverages over the child’s head. That’s when I overheard a conversation that was truly horrifying and depicted the days events perfectly.

Bartender: Are you gay?

Child: No, I’m not gay.

Mother: *Interrupting* No he is gay, don’t let him lie to you, he is.

The Child, visibly uncomfortable by the bartenders comment and his mothers correction, bowed his head towards the ground like a puppy that was just scolded. The child didn’t say another word for the remainder of the show, and instead resumed playing on his Nintendo with his head hidden away.

Throughout the show, children were invited onto stage by lewdly dressed men and were told to actively participate in the performances. Parents also handed their children money and taught them to hand it to Drag Queens as an act of rewarding overt sexual behavior directed towards them. By doing so, parents were teaching their children that sexual performances were to be encouraged and even rewarded. I hoped this grooming was unintentional, but the more shows I attended, I would quickly learn that what I was seeing was completely intentional. You will begin to notice the patterns of intentional grooming and the targeting of children as I highlight other events I’ve attended.

Not even 15 days later another sexually explicit drag show would pop up. This one being hosted at a bar named Tequila Delicious, also being in Dallas, TX. Like the previous show, children were in attendance and were targeted directly by the performers. A family that brought two of their children would leave within the first ten minutes due to the young boy crying, I could tell he was visibly upset. The host would later recognize me from my coverage of Mr Missters and confront me to have me removed for recording what was taking place.

When confronted, the Drag Queen quickly revealed his feeling regarding children being in attendance.

Drag Queen: “Why are you here?”

Me: “Because there’s kids involved.”

Drag Queen: “Who gives a shit if kids are involved?”

I can’t help but to laugh at the crowds pure shock and dismay as the Drag Queen talked about my reporting, the booing of the crowd who were all enabling child abuse. Thankfully, the table I sat at had received free drinks earlier in performance. By the time of me getting kicked out I was beyond thankful that I wouldn’t have to bare anymore of the oversexualized garbage in front of kids. Usually, being kicked out of any event would cause a feeling of unease not knowing what’s going to happen. Not this time though, all I felt was pure satisfaction knowing I didn’t have to take one more second inside what could be described best as a Grooming Factory.

At this point, I had covered three separate shows and they all had an intentional bias towards targeting children. I began to understand that this was going to become a pattern, but didn’t want to fully believe it yet.

That was until I covered another explicit show hosted by Anderson Distillery in Roanoke, TX. This show not only escalated the “Anti-Drag” rhetoric now sweeping the nation, but poured even more gas on the fire when heavily armed ANTIFA showed up to the event to run “security”. This was an escalation in the division that had not yet been seen surrounding this topic. As the event started, Armed ANTIFA were removed from a nearby parking garage by police, where they were positioned with multiple rifles looking down onto the crowd.

Armed ANTIFA (John Brown Gun Club) positioned outside of Anderson Distillery, TX.

Upon arriving, I was greeted by an armed ANTIFA member offering to give me an “escort” so I felt safe. (I was in a disguise) This was due to protesters that had shown up and who were making their opinions heard from across the street. On one side, you have Armed ANTIFA with supporters of the show that didn’t make it in on time. On the other, you had a local motorcycle chapter, ProtectTXKids, a Catholic Group, and locals that drove by and saw what was taking place.

Like the shows in the past, it was no place for children. This time I recorded from the balcony after being turned away due to the show being over capacity, which I was originally worried about because the large majority of the audience was inside. I figured most of the performance would take place inside away from the public eye, but this was not the case. Instead, a large majority of the performance ended up taking place on the balcony. Conveniently, where most of the children were seated.

The pattern I didn’t want to believe was on full display, this time being even more sinister and manipulative. Multiple children were being talked to inappropriately by the Drag Queens throughout the show, and were also targeted by intentionally explicit dancing by performers. Disney music was played to make it more “kid friendly”. While songs like “Let It Go” from Frozen were played over the speakers, Drag Queens gyrated for children as if there was nothing wrong with what they were doing.

Imagine being a child and hearing “Let It Go” while you watch a scantily dressed man who’s posing as a princess dance for you sexually. Connecting a sexual act to something a child likes is what predators do, and that is exactly what took place time and time again in Roanoke.

Up front and central was a child with autism who was enthusiastically jumping up and down while clinging to his sensory toy. Drag Queens interacted with this child and his little sister the most. At one point, a Drag Queen stood on a table a young girl was sitting at and did a leg kick and flying split, exposing is bare cheeks and his underwear to her.

Just when I thought the event couldn’t possibly get worse, I overheard a woman talking with her daughter about the way “he identifies”. The child was no older than 13 years of age. I began engaging in a conversation with this woman where I learned quickly that she was actually a Teacher at KellerISD. Not knowing who she was talking to, she opened up fairly quickly at the sign of “support”.

She talked about how multiple teachers were in attendance and how they attend these shows all the time to show support. This time, a group protesting made social media posts that discouraged some teachers from attending as they usually would.

These shows are a hotspot for school teachers I guess?

Throughout the recording, she talked about how teachers are engaged in a “culture war” trying to implement LGBTQ+ ideology into libraries and the mainstream curriculum at school.

She seemed to think the concerned parents showing up at schoolboard meetings to voice their concerns about pornography in their child’s library were nothing more than “Fascists who wanted to burn books”.

Near the end of the event, a drunken attendee decided to flash the protesters and wave her breasts around in front of her child. This woman had been getting into altercations all day at this point, and had her child flip people off. In a conversation I heard earlier in the day, she was talking to her son about “intimidation”. She was telling her kid that he needs to stand up to bullies like the “fascists” on the other side of the street and how it’s “okay to be a twink”.

Once again, the single obese mother pattern strikes. I don’t recall my mother drunkenly swinging her breasts and screaming obscene words at people, but maybe I was the one with a weird childhood…?

So about weird childhoods… As a parent, what would you do if your place of faith had a secret closet where members of the church would bring your child and have them try on chest binders, panties, bras, and other clothing? Because this is exactly what happened at First Christian Church located in Katy, TX.

I went undercover at this event and what I discovered in such a short time-frame was extremely disturbing. As I pulled up to the event, there was nearly one hundred people standing on both sides of the roadway. In front of the church you had heavily armed ANTIFA and local Police Officers acting as security checking tickets to the event alongside organizers. Once I made it past the security checkpoint I was directed to park and to go around the backside of a building addition to the church. Immediately upon entering I was greeted by multiple people who worked for the church, all wearing rainbow garb and sporting trans flags.

Screwston ANTIFA Armed Outside Of First Christian Church, Katy, TX.

When entering, there were two muscular men covered in glitter and dressed in feminine attire standing guard inside the church. A table was setup where people working for the church were handing out tickets for alcoholic beverages and a bowl full of pins with LGBTQ+ related slogans. The pin that I grabbed read “NOT ALL CHRISTIANS SUCK”. Referring to Christians that aren’t interested in Transing their children in the name of the Woke Religion, which is all this “church’ seemed to practice.

Within 5 minutes of sitting down with my bingo card and pamphlet detailing the churches “values” I was approached by who I labeled “church worker #2”. (A total creep) He sat next to me and immediately asked my name and how I identify. He began talking about how much pride the church places in what they call the “trans” or “transparency” closet. At this point I knew something even weirder than Drag Queen Bingo was taking place and I leaned into the conversation. He offered to give me a tour after I showed interest and had already made multiple sexual remarks about my appearance. He seemed very fidgety and sporadic as if he were on an amphetamine of some kind.

He began to lead me to the back where a confined room was located, where he would take multiple children throughout the event without adult supervision. Once I entered the room, worker #1 explained that this closet was for children to come and select “gender affirming” clothing. They were offering chest binders, underwear, bras, jewelry, and other clothing. He explained how they even have whole foods bags so children can bring their “gender affirming” clothes and binders home without raising suspicion of their parents. Definitely not a “transparent” closet as they said it was. Throughout this entire process, church worker #2 was struggling to open a package of donuts while acting like an addict.

As I was being toured through the grooming closet, the pastor of the church (a gay woman) came in and saw that I was recording. In response she began recording me and had the church workers bring me out to the lobby where the Drag Queen was about to dance and play Bingo with children. I sat back down and was removed immediately. An Officer actually demanded that I give the event pass back for some odd reason, knowing I had captured all the footage I needed to expose the church I complied. At this point, I was tired of going back and forth with what I considered to be a joke of law enforcement.

This was the first time I had experienced uniformed Officers doing the bidding of child groomers to such an extent, an odd one for sure.

In San Antonio, I attended a show advertised towards children where the venue played a screening of Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer before the performances.

The exposé I released on this show actually caused the venue to never host a Drag Show again. (WINNING)

Inside of the venue, a child was left unattended throughout the entire show by her mother who was running the food cart outside. Multiple performers continuously engaged with the child throughout the sexual performances. At one point, one of the Drag Queens was playing with the little girls hair. They even went as far as to perform a lap dance on an attendee directly in front of the child.

The performance included the typical lewd behavior I’ve grown to recognize at these kinds of shows. Except this time it was taken even a step farther when the host of the show removed his clothing and began shaking his silicone breasts for the crowd. The Drag Queen crawled around the stage in a sexual manner and gyrated continuously.

I wish the San Antonio show was the last example I captured of predators perverting children’s stories for their benefit. But sadly, it wasn’t. Thankfully, this venue has refused to host any more Drag Shows due to “safety concerns”.

The next show we’re about to discuss was hands down the most overtly sexual and explicit performance I have ever uncovered. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my video report would send a shockwave through the country sparking legislation, protests, and venues liquor licenses to be revoked. Multiple states forced the venues hosting the show to up the age limit to 18+ due to the inherently sexual nature of the performances.

The video below is a quick supercut of some of the performances that took place. Does this behavior seem “Family Friendly”?

Upon starting, the event immediately took a sexual turn. One of the first performances was titled “Tits In A Box”. The man posing as a woman wore large silicone breasts while parading around the stage. He would continue to make sexual jokes, fondle his breasts, and at one point even bending over to expose his anus to the crowd where children were sitting.

He encouraged multiple attendees to come up and slap his buttocks in front of the crowd. He continuously shook his buttocks towards the crowd allowing an attendee to come up and put money in his underwear. Then asking someone where they want to stick the money (referring to inside of him). He even went as far as asking a child in the crowd an extremely inappropriate question regarding his fake breasts.

“Jimbo The Clown” Exposing Breasts To A Crowd Of Children

The next performance worth mentioning was called “Screwdolph The Red Nippled Reindeer”. Once again, these sexual predators were intentionally perverting childrens stories. In the background throughout the performance, Santa and his Elf’s were displayed shaking their bare bottoms and engaging in sexual activity. Reinforcing the idea to children that everything is inherently sexual, especially their beloved Christmas stories.

A Man dressed in a reindeer costume with large breasts gyrated around the stage with his back up singers who continuously simulated sodomy and a three way with the main performer.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, the host began playing a game called naughty or naughty. Nina West, who is directly affiliated with Disney and Nickelodeon, began detailing his own sexual encounters and asking crowd members about their craziest sexual interactions.

Nina West’s Blues Clues Appearance
Nina West Featured On Nickelodeon
Nina West Featured On Disney+

Telling detailed sex stories around children, nothing but some family friendly fun going on here!

After this, another Drag Queen who was consistently engaging with children in the audience asked a 9 and 10 year old a question.

This Queen knew that what they were exposing these children to was confusing and inappropriate. He didn’t care though. Instead, he used the children’s confusion to make what the crowd thought was a joke.

After my report went viral due to the disgusting nature of the behavior on full display, Tucker Carlson had me on his show to discuss what I witnessed.

I noticed the same thing at this show as I did the others. Single obese mothers were the general demographic who were offering their children up on a silver platter for grooming.

I have linked the in depth report below so readers can view the entire event summary, as it would be far too much to write about in this article.

Did you know that Dallas City Council Members enjoy attending Drag Shows for children?

An event hosted at BuzzBrews in Dallas, TX, made multiple references to blowjobs and licking private parts. This behavior was nothing new compared to past events, but sitting members of the City Council attending was.

Despite the sexual performances and foul language used in front of children, two Councilmen and one State Representative attended and gave speeches in support of the event.

So now you have elected officials not only doing nothing to stop the grooming of minors, but actively participating and encouraging it.

Once again, Armed ANTIFA showed up to the event and provided “security”.

The last event I will mention before bringing this article to its conclusion was hosted by Moxy – University in Austin, TX.

During the event a Drag Queen named Noodles continuously exposed his crotch and buttocks to a child in the audience. Multiple times throughout the show, the child tucked his head in his mothers lap because he was visibly scared of what was taking place. Meanwhile, attendees and the performers noticed this and instead of removing the child they laughed and encouraged more abuse.

The events that I went over are only a drop in the bucket of what is taking place around the country and what I’ve experienced first hand. Depravity has taken the wheel in America and has completely highjacked our children and their innocence.

As time passes, Drag shows for children are only becoming more popular and promiscuous. The community promoting them continues to be emboldened by legislation and reporters like myself exposing what’s taking place. Instead of acknowledging what they are doing to children is wrong, they double down and say this behavior is actually good for kids. They hide the truth of the situation behind the guise of acceptance and understanding who you really are. If you can’t reproduce due to sexual affiliation, the only one way to continue growing your community is to recruit the youth.

A perfect example of this is the intentional marketing of these inappropriate shows as “family friendly” or “all ages”. The hosts, drag queens, and parents all know that a Drag Show is no place for children, but they’re intentionally exposing them to it anyways. These shows are no longer only popping up at gay bars and clubs where they began, they’ve gone so far that they have successfully progressed their ideology and perversion into the school system. Schools are hosting Drag Shows for students, pornography can be easily accessed in school libraries, and teachers are injecting children with the idea that they are oppressed because of their sexual preferences. Our children are being taught that they must abide by someone’s respected pronouns and how they might have been born in the wrong body. Instead of maturation and learning about celibacy, sex is being promoted in the classroom as healthy and normal to engage in at a young age. The education system in America has many problems, but the current ideology our children are being spoon fed by the machine is the most dangerous of them all.

Gender Ideology is intentionally corrupt and is based around the idea that children are inherently sexual. Drag Shows for children and “gender affirming healthcare” isn’t the final form of this ideology. It is constantly evolving, becoming more wicked and vile as time goes on. As children become more impressionable, the ideology spreads, infecting youth along the way. It is continuously growing like an out of control tumor. The farther you get along, the less chance you have of reversing course. We are on a one way train. With every stop the train makes we get closer and closer to the end goal, every stop pushes the envelope a little bit farther than before. 

I’m afraid this train is reaching the end of the track and we are rapidly approaching with no clear understanding on how to apply the brakes before it completely derails. The final stage of this ideology is the normalization and acceptance of pedophilia, gender ideology is founded in the idea that children are inherently sexual after all. You are already starting to see the final stage before the train completely derails. Well organized and funded groups have already started advocating for the normalization of MAP’s (minor attracted persons). We are at the tipping point, the Right is trying to apply the brakes while the Left pulls the throttle back as far as it can go. The train is going to derail and we need to accept that.

The real question is how do we reverse course?

How are we expected to fix this derailment of what used to be a civilized society?

I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do know one thing, lying down and accepting defeat is not going to win this battle for our children. If you want to stop the machine, you must break the gears allowing it to run.  

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