The Surprising #1 Reason People Are Asking A Faith-Based Company To Help Them Back Their Retirement Accounts With Gold

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Bank runs, the debt ceiling hike and de-dollarization are reasons many Americans have been reaching out to Genesis Gold Group for help – but the #1 reason people now want to create self-directed IRAs backed by precious metals will surprise a lot of people.

Most people know that Genesis Gold Group customers can physically see their precious metals at their convenience. And when it comes time to take a disbursement, they can convert to cash or have their precious metals shipped directly to their homes.

Now the #1 reason people want to work with Genesis Gold Group is something savvy investors are watching closely: Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) policies at major corporations.

“ESG has been the number one concern of people contacting us over the last few months,” said Jonathan Rose, co-founder of Genesis Gold Group. “There’s nothing ‘woke’ about physical gold and silver. It’s just sound money.”

Many are concerned that ESG policies mean corporations will put woke politics above profits.

They’re worried that ESG-led corporations won’t focus on investment returns.

That leads them to wonder: Will an investment in an ESG woke corporation return profits and dividends in retirement?

Or will it collapse?

As a faith-driven, patriotic precious metals company that specializes in self-directed IRAs, Genesis puts their full efforts into making sure their customers’ retirement accounts are free of what Elon Musk calls “Woke Mind Virus.”

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“Precious metals are the financial safe haven Americans need in tumultuous times,” Rose said. “Right now, the economy is in a state of massive flux and ESG is at the top of the list of concerns.”

“Genesis puts precious metals into our customers’ depositories that have the highest potential for appreciation,” Rose said. “It pains me when I see fellow Americans who have the wrong mix of gold and silver products added to their self-directed IRAs. We take pride in having excellent customer service because we only hire actual experts in the field.”

Watch conservative actor Dean Cain talk about his endorsement of Genesis Gold Group:

Genesis Gold Group was given 5 stars by reviewers on the Better Business Bureau website. Here is what some of them say:

I am so happy that I came across Genesis Gold Group. They made the process seamless . . . They have knowledge, care, and patience with newbies, like me. They kept me informed along the way and reached out several times to see if I had any questions or concerns. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in investing in precious metals.”

“They made it so easy to transfer part of the funds out of my company 401K to set up a precious metals IRA. Everyone I’ve dealt with there is friendly and knowledgeable.”

“The people at Genesis Gold Group have been very helpful to get my 401k from stocks and bonds to silver coins on deposit. They are patient and explained each step and answered my numerous questions along the way.”

By rolling over any of the various types of retirement accounts their customers currently have, Genesis Gold Group has simplified the process of securing the life’s savings of countless Americans.

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