Stephen Miller: Biden Crime Family Financial Scandal Is “Biggest Foreign Corruption Scandal in American History” that Now Reaches All the Way to the Oval Office (VIDEO)

Former Trump Adviser Stephen Miller joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

During their discussion, Stephen Miller discussed the tranche of emails obtained by America First Legal recently.

Miller believes the Biden DOJ will indict Hunter on some low-level crime in order to shield Hunter and Joe Biden from further discovery.  Stephen Miller says House Republicans will have to pursue AG Merrick Garland’s impeachment in order to compel discovery.

And finally, Miller said this is the single biggest foreign corruption scandal in American history that now reaches all the way to the Oval Office.

Stephen Miller: We’ve now received since we filed that FOIA and since we filed a lawsuit to compel document production, we’ve now received three tranches of emails that have been stunning.  Whether it’s been showing the vice president’s use of personal email, which is of course, forbidden, but also showing extensive, continuous collaboration and communication between the (then) Vice President’s government office and Hunter Biden and his advisors. You cannot tell where Hunter Biden’s consulting firm ends and where Joe Biden’s office begins. They communicated and coordinated press statements, on official foreign travel and foreign visits.

You had Hunter Biden meeting with and talking with Tony Blinken before major foreign trips abroad. And you have to ask yourselves, what were they talking about? What were they discussing? What is Hunter Biden discussing with Joe Biden’s advisers? And that’s something that’s going to have to be determined if the House is able to get these individuals under oath in a deposition to ask those questions. But clearly, these conversations were not about the weather. They were not about childcare, they were not about vacation plans…  This is about enriching the Biden family using the power of the state…

…You combine that with the shocking revelations that James Comer has put forward about the web of LLCs that has apparently been used to get around US tax law, Hello, IRS! And that has been used quite clearly to enrich the Biden family. 10% for the big guy! You combine the money-making scheme with what we have uncovered in these emails and you can read them all [email protected]. We’ve put them all out there. And what you may have is the single biggest foreign corruption scandal in American history that now reaches all the way to the Oval Office…

There’s a very real chance that Hunter Biden will be indicted on very low level, insignificant charges as a distraction play both to shield Hunter and to also, more importantly, to shield Joe Biden from accountability. Don’t put that past DOJ. As to the second point, they’re going to have to, in my view, pursue impeachment against the Attorney General of the United States if he does not fully cooperate and comply. And the context of that impeachment will give you enormous powers to bring people in for depositions and to compel discovery and the courts will give the House enormous discretion to compel discovery.


Via Midnight Rider.

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