New Evidence Exposes Ties Between Mexican Cartels and Chinese Communist Party

Ben Bergquam from Real America’s Voice released a report on Monday on the ties between the Mexican cartels and the Chinese Communist Party. China and the cartels have together managed to murder 339,849 Americans from a drug overdose since 2018. We already knew this was taking place. The numbers are stark and terrible–339,849 Americans (mostly under 50 years old) died from a drug overdose since 2018. Here are the numbers according to the CDC:
Fentanyl Overdose | The Recovery Village Palm Beach at Baptist Health

The numbers are stark and terrible–339,849 Americans (mostly under 50 years old) died from a drug overdose since 2018. Here are the numbers according to the CDC:

Year and Number of Deaths:

2018 67,367

2019 72,151

2020 93,331

2021 107,000

Last year, for example, almost twice the number of Americans died from drug overdose–e.g., fentanyl and opiods–than were killed in the Vietnam War. When you add up the numbers from 2018 to 2021, we had 3 times the fatalities then from the deaths in Vietnam and Korea alone.

You do not have to be a math genius to understand that 294 Americans are dying each day from the drugs that are produced in China and smuggled across the U.S./Mexico border courtesy of Mexican drug cartels. To put this in perspective, 220 Marines were killed by a terrorist bombing in Beirut, Lebanon in in October, 1983. That attack awakened Americans to the reality of Middle East terrorism.

Where is the outrage now? The American public has been bamboozled into feeding a war in Ukraine and spending billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars on weapons that are being captured by the Russians or siphoned off by Ukrainian gangsters to be sold on the black market.

I am not trying to spin up support for a war against China. But our refusal to hold the Chinese accountable for their production of synthetic narcotics is fueling a lethal drug abuse crisis in the United States. Sober College provides a genuine sobering summary:

Often referred to as “legal highs,” synthetic drugs are made by chemists who avoid legal repercussions because of their ability to alter formulas and avoid arrest. By changing the formula to include compounds that are not listed among banned drugs, individuals are able to abuse synthetic drugs that cause effects similar to those caused by illegal drugs, and without fear of legal consequences. Since the compounds of synthetic drugs are constantly changing, it is nearly impossible to compile a complete list of them. Although some synthetic drugs have recently become illegal, the ever-changing formulas constant influx of new substances are a cause for concern and have made it difficult to stop the growing epidemic.
Now Ben Bergquam has more. Frontline America reported:
Real America’s Voice investigator reporter Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border, reminded readers of the ties between Drug Cartels and the Chinese Communist Party – which he and his network of independent border journalists have discovered and exposed. Even Reuters reported on Thursday about the increase in migration from China into the US but fell short of investigating the origins of this massive migration, saying: “The difficulty of obtaining U.S. visas and the economic after-shocks of China’s COVID lockdowns have led to a sharp increase in Chinese nationals presenting at the U.S.-Mexico border – and some of those arrivals, like Wu, learned about how to come online, migrants, immigration experts, attorneys, and current and former U.S. officials, told Reuters. Over the course of three weeks photographing and reporting from a remote border stretch in southeastern Texas, Reuters witnessed hundreds of Chinese migrants crossing into the United States. They interviewed more than two dozen in Mandarin.” These are economic migrants storming our borders- finding no one to protect them, they move in. It almost looks like a plan. And when did Americans become responsible for the economic plight of the entire world after COVID, which also destroyed so much of our own economy? Unfortunately, the corporate media is ignoring these questions and hiding the rest of the story from the American people.
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