“It Is Marxist” – They Want to Gather Biodata from All Humans and Share It – Dean Michele Bachmann Gives Update from World Health Assembly in Geneva (VIDEO)

Former US Representative and Dean Michele Bachmann is attending the 76th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland this week.

Michele joined Steve Bannon to discuss the meetings on The War Room this morning. According to Michele, the UN, World Health Organization (WHO), Bill and Melinda Gates Society, and World Trade Organization are all represented at the meetings this week.

Michele told Steve they are not even hiding their intentions during their meetings. They want to gather biodata from all humans and share this with eachother. This is a truly frightening development.

Dean Michele Bachmann: This is what we know that came out today. The plan is they are agreeing that both a pandemic treaty and the 300 amendments that have been put forward for the international health rules, they’re going to be two separate documents, but they’ll basically be one document. Those proposed documents will be given in January of 2024, and then they’ll be voted on a year from this week. So they’re in the process of tightening everything down. And a year from this week will come the final vote. And that’s when all of the lockdowns and the clamp downs and everything that’s going to impact our life is going to come into play…

…One is universal health care. And what they mean by that, they said equity about a million times in the last couple of days, inclusion in the last couple of days… So clearly it is a Marxist take… We had Xavier Becerra, who’s our Health and Human Services secretary, he was here.

…This is what they’re going to do. They intend to create a platform for global governance through health care and irrigate to themselves that level of power. Where are these people? So it was hilarious. You have these people in charge. In one sentence, they use the word treaty. In the next sentence, they use the word accord. So the way they want to soft sell this back in the United States is to call this an accord like the Abraham Accord. But they know what this really is, is a treaty. So this would be my challenge to every United States senator in the United States.

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