Investigators Claim FBI Knew Identify of Zodiac Killer Since 2016, Kept DNA In Headquarters

A group of private cold case investigators is claiming the FBI has known the possible identity of the Zodiac Killer since 2016.

Thomas Colbert, an investigator for the Case Breakers a volunteer cold case investigator group, reported an FBI whistleblower came forward and claimed Air Force veteran Gary Francis Poste was previously identified as a suspect by the FBI for the Zodiac serial killings that occurred in the San Francisco Bay Area between 1968-1969.

In a press release obtained by the Daily Mail, Colbert said an FBI whistleblower stated “Poste has been secretly listed as the Zodiac suspect in Headquarters’ computers since 2016.”

Colbert also shared that DNA from Poste is still secure in FBI labs in Quantico, Virginia.

The FBI has denied they have any lead suspects for the identity of the Zodiac Killer and says the case remains open.

Poste has been deceased since 2018 and was never publicly listed as a suspect by the FBI during his lifetime.

The Daily Mail reported:

A cold case investigator is claiming that the FBI has identified the man suspected to be the infamous ‘Zodiac Killer’ and believes the authorities didn’t look into him enough when he was alive.

Journalist Thomas Colbert says that an FBI whistleblower confirmed to him that Air Force veteran Gary Francis Poste, who has been previously posited as the killer, is currently listed as a suspect.

He claims that FBI labs have a ‘partial’ DNA sample on Poste that links him to the murders. Poste has been dead since 2018.


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