Old Joe Battles Another Round with the Stairs, Slips on Steps in Japan (VIDEO)

Credit: Daily Mail

Round four goes to the stairs!

Joe Biden arrived in Japan for the annual G7 Summit on Thursday. Once again, he reminded us why he is completely shot.

As the Daily Mail reported, all the other G7 leaders had arrived on Miyajima Island on time to begin a tour of Itsukushima Shrine, one of Japan’s most famous sites. But Biden arrived late.

He compounded his self-humiliation further as he was going to meet Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Biden engaged in another epic battle against an old nemesis: the stairs.

Joe held on at the last minute.


One could say his battle with the Itsukushima Shrine stairs was worse than his previous slips on Air Force One because this involved fewer steps.

In March, Joe Biden engaged in a spirited battle against the Air Force One stairs as he was back to DC from Selma, Alabama. Three was not a charm for the decrepit “president.”

In February, 80-year-old Biden departed Warsaw, Poland on Wednesday after a “surprise” two day foreign trip beginning in Ukraine where he once again put America last.

But as he was boarding Air Force One, he had a little accident. He was walking slowing up the steps and he nearly fell flat on his face.

His first and most famous battle occurred in 2021. Biden fell several times while boarding Air Force One.

Biden tried jogging up the stairs to board Air Force One en route to Atlanta and fell hard on his knee.

Biden tripped a second time and used his hand to break his fall but he couldn’t pull himself up.

The third stumble took Biden out and he was completely down on his knees.

But don’t worry. The White House physician assures us Biden is fit for duty after allegedly passing a physical.

Biden, of course, did not take a cognitive assessment test. We all know the awful results that would show for him.


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