HE’S BACK: Tucker Carlson Announces New Show On Twitter – Accuses Fox News of Fraud, Breach of Contract

In a surprise video uploaded to Twitter on Tuesday, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson announced he will be doing his new show on Twitter.

Tucker was ousted from Fox last month and was under contract with the outlet through the end of 2024.

Tucker accused Fox News of fraud and breach of contract, according to Axios.

Tucker Carlson, two weeks after being ousted by Fox News, accused the network Tuesday of fraud and breach of contract — and made a host of document demands that could precede legal action.

The aggressive letter from his lawyers to Fox positions Carlson to argue that the noncompete provision in his contract is no longer valid — freeing him to launch his own competing show or media enterprise.

On Tuesday, Carlson announced he would be bringing his show to Twitter,.
“Starting soon we’ll be bringing a new version of the show we’ve been doing for the last six and a half years to Twitter,” he said in the video. “We bring some other things too, which we’ll tell you about. But for now we’re just grateful to be here. Free speech is the main right that you have. Without it, you have no others.”
The intrigue: The Twitter move would seem to technically violate Carlson’s contract with Fox, but his lawyers’ letter effectively holds that Fox breached the contract first.

Sources told Axios that Carlson’s lawyers sent their letter before he took to Twitter to announce his new show.

Tucker in the video stated “starting soon we will be bringing a new version of the show we’ve been doing for the last six years and a half years to Twitter.”

Besides announcing his return Tucker stated “at the most basic level the news you consume is a lie. A lie of the stealthiest and most insidious kind.”

Tucker would go on to say Twitter is the last remaining place in the world where free speech is allowed.


Tucker also noted in his announcement that the “gatekeepers are still in charge” of the corporate media and he’s sick of it which is why he will be taking his show to Twitter.

The news by Tucker shocked some but other saw his decision coming.

Previously Axios reported both Musk and Carlson had a conversation about working together.

As of now it’s not clear if he will host his show exclusively on Twitter or if he will have a partnership with another news network or platform such as Rumble too.


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