BREAKING: Ron DeSantis Will Officially Launch Presidential Campaign Tomorrow During Live Event with Elon Musk

Credit: NBC News

It’s official: Ron DeSantis is officially entering the 2024 White House race.

Fox News was the first to confirm the news on Tuesday.

According to Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin, Ron DeSantis will announce his presidential run on Wednesday, at 6 pm ET in a Twitter space interview with Elon Musk.

Here are the details:

Sources familiar confirmed to Fox News that the popular, conservative two-term governor will declare that he’s candidate for president, on Wednesday at 6 p.m. ET during a conversation with Elon Musk on Twitter.

Along with his announcement, DeSantis is expected to file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, which officially launches his GOP presidential campaign.

The announcement by DeSantis coincides with his meeting this week in Miami with top financial backers.

A formal campaign kickoff event will likely take place sometime after this week’s donor gathering, but no details have been shared by the campaign.

DeSantis’ entry into the presidential race comes at a time when his poll numbers have completely cratered. The latest GOP primary poll has Trump soaring to a 38-point lead over DeSantis with the rest of the field in single digits.

DeSantis faces a major battle in terms of making up this massive deficit. While he has raised over $110 million, roughly $80 million is tied to Florida and cannot be used in a presidential campaign according to The Daily Mail.

Moreover, some of his largest donors are abandoning him due to disagreements over abortion, his battle with Disney. Others are questioning whether he is ready for primetime.

Many political analysts, Republicans, and Democrats have concluded because of these facts Trump’s GOP nomination is inevitable.

DeSantis still has some time to close the gap and potentially make the primary competitive. But the hill he will have to climb is incredibly steep.


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