Anti-Vaccine Dr. Rashid Buttar Has Died

CNN interviewed Dr. Rashid Buttar.

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The medical community is mourning the loss of Dr. Rashid Buttar, a respected doctor known for his views on COVID-19 and vaccines.

He was named as one of the “Disinformation Dozen” by the far-left media along with Democrat presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Dr. Buttar, 57, a licensed physician and a retired Major in the US Army who served in special forces, died on Thursday at his home, while spending time with his family, according to an email sent by his family.

Read the email below:

The Buttar Family is deeply saddened to announce the passing of Rashid A. Buttar, D.0.

Dr. Buttar passed away on May 18th, 2023, at his home, while spending time with his family.

Dr. Buttar attended Washington University and graduated with a double major in Biology and Theology. He then went on to earn a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines, Iowa.

Dr. Buttar was a retired Major in the US Army. He served with the 5th Special Forces group and the 101st Airborne Division.

He is survived by his three loving children, Sara, (30) Abie, (24) and Rahan (18).

Service arrangements have not yet been made. The family intends to have a private service. The family requests privacy at this time and appreciates your continued support and prayers.”

The cause of his death was not disclosed by his family.

Tributes flood in following the news of his tragic passing.

“My condolences to Dr. Buttar’s family. Thank you for your service. May your ancestors embrace you as you journey into His light,” wrote Dr. Henry Ealy.

“I received an email today from his family announcing that he, at 57 years old and in total health, passed to the other side, behind the veil we call “death.” I´m saddened and a bit worried. He spoke loudly against the Pharma industry and their trickery, he helped thousands of families with kids injured by vaccines and other illnesses. I honor his courage and generosity. I feel love wins though, love and truth always win,” wrote Dr. Victoria Abdelnur.

“Absolutely gutted. I just interviewed him a couple of days ago and we had an amazing conversation on spirituality and belief. RIP Dr. Buttar, you were a hero when most North American doctors were cowards,” said Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.

Dr. Buttar gained significant attention after claiming that he had developed a stroke and myocarditis as a result of “shedding.”

These allegations immediately drew attention and he was attacked by left-wing media.

Sayer Ji, founder of alternative medicine portal GreenMedInfo shared the details surrounding the sudden decline of his health.

“For the record, Rashid reached out to me on Feb. 18th and explained that only a few weeks before, he was in the ICU for 6 days, with a diagnosis of both stroke and myocarditis, with symptoms and biomarkers consistent with adverse effects from the mRNA jabs (which he did not have). As you will see in the video, he believed that he was experiencing the result of shedding (aka, “self-amplifying” properties) from the transgenic mRNA jabs,” said Sayer.

A few days ago, Dr. Buttar joined Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, former co-host of The 700 Club Canada, to discuss “the Coronavirus Agenda: the real story behind the origin of Covid-19.”

During the discussion, Dr. Buttar said, “I went through a very difficult personal health challenge a few months ago, I was in the ICU. I had been poisoned with this 200 times the amount of what’s in the vaccinations. And I’ve said publicly, you know, you’d have to shoot me in the head with lead, i.e. bullet because I’m never going to take the vaccine. So I was actually intentionally poisoned. And part of it was, I believe,  right after that CNN interview.”

“The message I want people to know is, remember the importance of exercising free will, and then also as a default, as a backup, slow down and remember that God is in control,” he added.


Back in 2021, Dr. Buttar joined CNN’s Drew Griffin to discuss the COVID vaccine.

In a recent interview with CNN’s Drew Griffin, Buttar stood by it all.

“I’ve told people the best thing that could happen is you get Covid,” he said.

“The best thing that can happen is get Covid?” Griffin asked.

“Of course,” Buttar replied. “You’re going to build your own innate immune system and then you don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

He later said: “More people are dying from the Covid vaccine than from Covid.”

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