WHERE’S AOC? Democrat Hypocrites Slient as Photos Show Kids in Cages at the Border

Remember AOC’s staged photos of her sobbing at the border over child migrants being detained under Trump?

New photos have emerged of kids in cages at the border, but now that the president is a Democrat AOC is nowhere to be found.

Does this not count anymore?

AOC is too busy smearing the Supreme Court to care.

According to the Daily Mail, Democrats were worried about this a month ago:

Democrats ‘deeply concerned’ by report Biden might bring back ‘kids in cages’: Call detaining migrant families ‘callous and inhumane’ – as White House ducks questions on ‘rumors’

Democrats are fighting mad about a report the Biden administration is considering bringing back family detention of migrants – calling to mind the so-called ‘kids in cages’ frenzy of the Trump administration.

The president eliminated the practice when he took office, and actively campaigned against it saying ‘families belong together.’

But with Title 42 – a pandemic-era measure that allows authorities to promptly deport migrants – expiring in May, senior White House and Homeland Security officials are discussing the possibility of reinstating the program, the New York Times reports.

‘These reports are deeply concerning—reinstating family detention would be a grave mistake,’ Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Calif., member of the Homeland Security Committee tweeted of the news.

‘Instead of relying on costly failed policies that traumatize migrants and cruelly encourage more families to separate, we must focus on building a safe and humane immigration system.’

Where are the Democrats now?


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