“When You Are in Black Skin, then You Can Disagree with Me!” – Don Lemon Has Unhinged Breakdown as GOP Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Buries Him Alive During Debate on Gun Rights and Civil War (VIDEO)

Credit: CNN/Vivek Ramaswamy Twitter Screenshot

Don Lemon suffered an epic meltdown Wednesday morning during an interview with Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

The topic of conversation centered around 2nd amendment rights for Black Americans.

Lemon was angered over Ramaswamy’s astute statements at an NRA conference last week regarding southern Democrats preventing Black Americans from owning guns after the Civil War.

The disgraced CNN host deliberately twisted his words, attempting to deceive CNN viewers into believing Ramaswamy said the Civil War was fought only to give Black people gun rights.

When this tactic failed, Lemon tried to shut Ramaswamy down by playing the race card.

Lemon falsely claimed that Black people do not enjoy equality under the law in America. He then snapped at Ramaswamy, telling the presidential candidate he can disagree with him once he’s black.

Lemon also said the presidential candidate’s bold truth telling was “insulting to black people” and to him as an African-American.

He even threw in a veiled racial insult toward Ramaswamy at the end.


Relevant Transcript:

Lemon: I don’t really see what one has to do with the other — and using the Civil War to talk about Black Americans — that war was not fought for Black people to have guns.

Ramaswamy: That war was fought for Black people to have freedoms in this country. Actually, that’s why the Civil War was fought.

Actually, a funny fact is — Black people did not get to enjoy the other freedoms until their Second Amendment rights were secured.

Lemon: But Black people still aren’t allowed to enjoy the freedoms as well in this country.

Ramaswamy: I disagree with you on that Don. I think you’re doing a disservice to this country by failing to recognize the fact that we have equality before the laws here.

Lemon: Well, OK. When you are in Black skin and you live in this country, then you can disagree with me.

Ramaswamy: Don, I think we have to be able to talk about these issues in the open regardless of the color of our skin. To say that to compare it to 1865 and 1964…

Lemon: I think for you to compare 1865 and 1964, I think it’s insulting to Black people. It’s insulting to me as an African American. I don’t want to sit here and argue with you because it’s infuriating for you to put those things together.

It’s not right, your telling of history is wrong.

Ramaswamy: What part of my telling of history was wrong?

Lemon: You’re making people think that the Civil War was fought only for Black people to get guns…

Ramaswamy: The Civil War was fought for Black people to get freedoms. A noble mission…

Lemon: To reduce it in a speech at the NRA… That’s reductive and I think it’s insulting.


Lemon (to producers): Hang on, please. I cannot keep a thought if you guys are talking in my ear.

Ramaswamy: Here’s where you and I have a different point of view. I think we should be able to express our views regardless of the color of our skin.

Lemon: The fact that I find insulting is that you are sitting here telling an African American about the rights and what you find insulting about the way I live, the skin I live in every day. And I know the freedoms that Black people don’t have in this country, and that Black people do have.

Ramaswamy: I think we should be able to express our views regardless of the color of our skin. We should have this debate without me regarding you as a Black man.”

Lemon: I think it’s insulting that you’re sitting here — whatever ethnicity you are — ‘splaining to me about what it’s like to be Black in America. I’m sorry.

Ramaswamy: I’m an Indian American, and I’m proud of it.


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