‘This is Demonic’ – Convicted Felon Affiliated with MS-13 Gang Murders, Dismembers Florida Uber Eats Driver While Making Delivery

Oscar Adrian Solis, 30 and Randall Cooke, 59. (Pasco County Sheriff’s Office)

A convicted felon affiliated with MS-13, a street gang formed by Salvadoran immigrants, murdered and dismembered a Florida Uber eats driver while he was making a delivery last week.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco on Tuesday said the remains of the delivery driver were found in trash bags inside of the MS-13 gang member’s home.

“This is demonic,” Nocco said during a press conference on Tuesday. “What he did was demonic, but at the same time, we couldn’t answer the question ‘Why?’.”

According to reports, the Uber driver, Randall Cooke, 59, was last heard from at 6:30 pm on April 19 after he told his wife he was making his last delivery for the evening.

Cooke was reported missing after he stopped responding to his wife’s text messages.

Uber Eats gave detectives Cooke’s last delivery location which led them to a house on Moog Road.

According to WFLA, 30-year-old Oscar Adrian Solis, a convicted felon affiliated with the MS-13 gang occupied the home where Cooke was last seen on surveillance video.

The next morning on April 20, Solis was caught on surveillance video carrying around trash bags.

“An arrest affidavit states one of the men appeared to be dragging a heavy bag across the ground as he walked.” WFLA reported.

Sheriff Nocco said Cooke’s remains were found in the trash bags.

The Sheriff said Solis was a “very violent individual” who moved to Florida this year after being released on parole from a prison in Indiana.

WFLA reported:

A man affiliated with the MS-13 gang was accused of murdering an Uber Eats driver who was delivering to his house in Holiday.

Uber Eats provided detectives with the Cooke’s last known location, a house in the 3400 block of Moog Road. The sheriff’s office said one of the occupants of the home was Oscar Adrian Solis, 30, a convicted felon with ties to the MS-13 gang.

Deputies obtained home security footage from Solis’ roommate, which showed the driver walking up to the home. The motion-detecting camera abruptly went dark just moments later, at 6:45 p.m., according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

The next morning, Solis was reportedly caught on camera walking around the house with another man, both carrying trash bags. An arrest affidavit states one of the men appeared to be dragging a heavy bag across the ground as he walked.

Nocco said “several” bags were found to contain the remains of the missing delivery driver.

An arrest affidavit indicates Solis’ roommate heard “loud noises” coming from his room at approximately 2 a.m. Solis was later seen with small cuts on his hands and arms, according to detectives.

In the days that followed, detectives scoured the neighborhood for evidence to build their case against Solis. Blood was found in several areas of the home, according to the arrest report. Cooke’s car was later found abandoned about 0.3 miles away from the home with “blood-soaked rags and paper towels, along with a red DoorDash bag similar to the one [Cooke] was observed carrying.”

Detectives also said they found a time card with Solis’ name on it in the trunk of Cooke’s car.


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