“The Hilarity Of This Coming From MSNBC” – Twitter Files Journalist Spars With MSNBC Host Over Twitter Files, Russiagate, And Hunter Biden

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan brought on journalist Matt Taibbi to discuss the Twitter Files.

Hasan attacked Taibbi for not revealing his source for the Twitter files and accused him of “doing PR work for the world’s richest man.”

Trending Politics reported:

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan and independent journalist Matt Taibbi got into a heated exchange over Taibbi’s Twitter Files reporting and past MSNBC news coverage.

Hasan criticized Taibbi for his refusal to reveal his Twitter Files sources when testifying in front of Congress and suggested he is a bad journalist. In his opening monologue, Hasan accused Taibbi of just “doing PR work for the world’s richest man.”

Taibbi said that the only purpose for the interview was for Hasan “to deflect attention from what we’ve found.”

Taibbi responded by blasting Hasan over MSNBC’s Russiagate coverage.

Hasan’s response was simply, “I wasn’t there in that period.”

VIDEO (partial transcript below)

From the video above:

“Mehdi Hasan: In your own words Matt you crossed that line

Matt Taibbi: The hilarity of this coming from MSNBC, which did nothing but vomit up fake Russiagate stories that came straight from the FBI for six consecutive years, you guys still haven’t apologized for is unbelievable.

Mehdi Hasan: I wasn’t there in that period so I have nothing to apologize.”

5 months ago, Mehdi Hasan did a segment on this asking, “Did Russian Trolls Undermine The 2017 Women’s March?”

They also sparred over MSNBC’s coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop.

VIDEO (partial transcript below)

From the video above:

“Mehdi Hasan: We’ll have to leave it there Matt, thank you for appearing on the show.

Matt Taibbi: What about the Hunter Biden story?

Mehdi Hasan: I don’t think I’ve ever written about the Hunter Biden story so maybe you should apologize to me for putting words in my mouth. I never said a word about the Hunter Biden story.”

Despite Hasan claiming he never said a word about the Hunter Biden story he did send out these two tweets on the topic.



You can watch the full segment here:

Will MSNBC ever apologize for their phony Russiagate coverage?

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