RFK Jr. Says His Father and Uncle Were Fighting Against Military-Industrial Complex Before Their Deaths

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was recently interviewed by Piers Morgan and in the interview, he had a lot of interesting things to say about his father the late Robert  F. Kennedy, and his uncle President John F. Kennedy.

The topic of his uncle and father got brought up when Morgan asked Kennedy what impact did it have on him to lose both his uncle and father at such a young age.

Kennedy responded  “I think it had impact on the world. I think my father and uncle were fighting against the emergence of the military industrial complex.”

He continued “their deaths really marked a fork in the road for our country and the rest of the world where we started down this road  towards corporatism which I call the corrupt merger of state and corporate power.


Kennedy followed up his comment and stated the spear tip is what  “President Eisenhower warned us about four days before my uncle took office and that’s the rise of the military industrial complex which has turned America into a warfare state abroad and a surveillance state at home.”

The interview between RFK Jr. and Piers Morgan was cut short however when Kennedy started to talk about the dangers of vaccines.

Piers Morgan apparently took a page out of ABC News play book.


ABC News Host Tells RFK Jr. He’s Too Critical of the CIA, Proceeds to Censor Him While Speaking About Vaccines


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