NFL Draft: Former NFL Player Jason McCourty Trolls Everyone Before Announcing Tennessee Titans Draft Selection

Former NFL Player Jason McCourty, a sixth round pick of the Tennessee Titans in 2009,  announced the Titans third-round pick Friday night, but not until after a minute and a half of trolling everything from the Kansas City Chiefs to the quality of barbecue in KC.

“Yes, Super Bowl Champion but also a co-host of the best sports morning talk show on TV, Good Morning Football! I have to say, congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs, I saw Mahomes and Kelse out here…”

“I have some fond memories here. I remember being at Arrowhead Stadium in 2018 when we won the AFC Title, and we went to the Super Bowl, and Patrick Mahomes is one trophy short…yes, I said it.  I’m sorry, but now it’s all about the Tennessee Titans. We are the real team where the Houston Oilers started.  You see me rocking it. Tennessee, the home of the best barbeque in the nation.”

The crowd erupted in spirted boos.

And then, in response to previous remarks by Pat McAfee who said about the Titans, “Hello, Nashville. I’m not going to say a single word about the Titans’ record against the Colts because I was a punter, and there’s no reason for me to talk about that. With that said, we did not punt much against the Titans, so you probably have no clue who I am, to begin with.”

McCourty continues, “Did I say something? I take it back. I’m sorry I don’t mean to offend anybody, but for the Titans, the division is ours.I don’t care what the Texans did yesterday; they are gonna go get their letterman jackets again. The Indianapolis Colts are 2-6 against the Titans since Pat McAfee came up here and did his wrestling announcement. And the Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t had back-to-back winning seasons since I was a senior in high school.”

Eventually he got down to what he was there to do and announced the Titans pick of Tulane running back Tyjae Spears.


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