New Jersey Chemical Plant Manufactures $2 Billion of Cocaine On Behalf of Coca-Cola

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A discreet chemical plant in Maywood, New Jersey has a special license to import coca leaves on behalf of Coca-Cola.

The Maywood chemical plant is managed by Stepan Company and is the only company to have a license from the DEA to import coca leaves which is the plant used to make cocaine.

The New York Post reported the imported coca leaves are “decocainized” and later put in Coca-Cola as an ingredient.

So, you don’t have to worry about failing a drug test after drinking a coke!

All the left over byproduct, however, which has a value of close to $2 billion, is then sold to an opioid  manufacturing company called Mallinckrodt .

Per The Daily Mail

A small chemical processing plant hidden in a quiet neighborhood of New Jersey has an exclusive license to import coca leaves into the US on behalf of The Coca-Cola Company and manufactures as much as $2 billion of pure cocaine every year.

The leaves are used to produce a ‘decocainized’ ingredient for the iconic soda and the cocaine byproduct is sold to the nation’s largest opioid manufacturer, which markets the powder as a numbing agent and topical anesthetic for dentists.

It operates under special licenses issued to it by the DEA and is the only company in the US permitted to import coca leaves and manufacture cocaine.

As some of you already know the original formula of Coca-Cola created by Dr. John Pemberton contained pure cocaine.

The cocaine was removed from the formula in 1903 after it was discovered how to extract the flavor of the coca leaves without using cocaine.


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