More Liberal Tolerance- Black Republican Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Attacked in Disgusting Cartoon

In 2019, Republican Daniel Cameron  won the Kentucky Attorney General race and became the first African-American to hold the office in history.

In 2020,  Cameron spoke at the RNC 2020 and was a huge hit claiming his place as a rising star in the Republican Party. Racist liberals immediately attacked Daniel online after his amazing speech.

Cameron recently announced his run for Governor in the state and the racist attacks continue.

On Friday, Cameron joined Newsmax to discuss a disgusting cartoon in the Herald-Leader by Joel Pett which Cameron describes as “abhorrent,” “embarrassing,” and “race-baiting.”

The cartoon shows Cameron, who is depicted with lightened skin, in a red “MAGA” baseball cap inside a church and speaking in front of a saying  “… And if I were governor in a pandemic, I’d just let you die!!” In the background, Jesus Christ, hanging from a cross with a megaphone in hand, yells, “Cut!!”

This is not the first time Pett has attacked Cameron in a disturbing fashion. A prior cartoon depicted President Trump in a KKK robe with Cameron trailing behind him holding onto the tail of the robe.

Newsmax reports:

Cameron, a Republican, said on “National Report” that the cartoon is “absolutely abhorrent, it’s filth … it is absurd, and it is a shame and embarrassing for a large newspaper here in Kentucky to run that sort of trash.”

Cameron said Herald-Leader cartoonist “Joel Pett has a history of doing this. When I ran for attorney general in 2019, he had a similar cartoon where he had [former President] Donald Trump in KKK garb and had me dragged behind Donald Trump. It’s absolutely ridiculous. The Herald-Leader should be ashamed of itself and they should get rid of Joel Pett.”

Cameron added: “There are conservatives all across Kentucky that are … just horrified that something like this would run in a newspaper. Not only is it race-baiting, it is also mocking Christians. You see the crucifixion occurring in the background, but as if it’s some joke.”



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