Canada Out of Control: Toronto Asks Federal Government to Decriminalize Hard Drugs for Kids

It seems that, for the ultra-liberal administration of Toronto, even the lenient Canadian drug legislation is not enough, as city officials demand from the Canadian government the authorization to implement a much more radical plan, that includes decriminalizing ALL drugs to ALL ages, including underage children.

TNC reports:

“The City of Toronto has released its sweeping plan to decriminalize all hard drugs, including fentanyl and crack cocaine for any age. 

Toronto’s request is even more lenient than the decriminalization order granted to the entire province of British Columbia by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this year. 

The City is asking that the federal government grant a Health Canada exemption for all drugs extending even to children. 

In British Columbia’s case, the granted exemption only applies to adults. The report claims that decriminalization should be offered for ‘all people in Toronto, including youth’.” 

Toronto City report to Canadian Federal Government:

“Criminalization does not effectively deter youth substance use. The data show that youth in Toronto between the ages of 12 and 17 use unregulated drugs and are vulnerable to the same harms associated with criminalization as adults.”

Vocal opponent of the decriminalization of drugs, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre: “Flooding our streets with decriminalized and taxpayer subsidized drugs has led to a massive overdose crisis right across the country.”

Toronto’s plan does not limit the amount of drugs that can be possessed for personal use. But the city still claims that it will investigate drug trafficking and other violations.

“Drugs in possession for personal use can vary considerably depending on the type of drugs being used, or an individual’s tolerance to a substance. For the anticipated benefits of decriminalization to be available to all Torontonians, the model should apply to all drugs in possession if they are for personal use.”

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