Southwest Airlines Resumes Flights After Nationwide Grounding Due to “Technical Issues”

This is what happens when you have a secretary more concerned about making traffic less racist rather than doing his job.

All Southwest Airlines were shut down this morning due to supposed technical issues. There have been no further details on what caused these technical issues.

This comes just months after Southwest cancelled thousands of flights over Christmas due to the scheduling system being overwhelmed.

What a disgraceful failure Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is.

The Associated Press reported:

Federal officials halted Southwest Airlines flights from taking off on Tuesday.

By late morning on the East Coast, more than 1,500 Southwest flights had been delayed, accounting for well over half of all delays nationwide, according to FlightAware.

Southwest said on Twitter that it asked the Federal Aviation Administration to hold up departures because of “intermittent” technical issues and hoped to resume flights as soon as possible.

The airline did not immediately respond to questions about the nature of the technical problem.

The FAA said only that Southwest requested the pause on flights, and referred questions to the Dallas-based airline.

In December, Southwest canceled nearly 17,000 flights over the Christmas holiday due to bad weather and its crew-scheduling system becoming overwhelmed. Those cancellations cost the airline more than $1 billion and are being investigated by the Transportation Department.

Flights resumed several minutes ago.


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