Washington Post Complains That Conservatives and Libertarians Are Preventing Future Pandemic Lockdowns

The liberal Washington Post is deeply upset that Conservatives and Libertarians are standing in the way of future pandemic lockdowns.

This is an excellent reminder that the liberal media gleefully supported shutting down the United States during COVID and would absolutely love to see it happen again.

If Conservatives and Libertarians are standing in the way, they deserve our thanks and admiration.

FOX News reports:

Washington Post torched on Twitter after complaining health officials have limited powers: ‘Medical fascism’

A new Washington Post report slammed “conservatives and libertarians” on Wednesday for working to legally block future pandemic lockdowns and other epidemic related mandates after seeing their effects during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The paper accused them of engaging in a “populist rejection” of pandemic measures that have left American’s public health institutions “defanged” and unprepared for a subsequent pandemic.

Critics of the Post and severe COVID-19 protocols brutalized the piece on Twitter, claiming the public health institutions promoted “medical fascism,” which prompted the conservative pushback…

The article, by Lauren Weber and Joel Achenbach, made the complaint, “Not even the president can force federal agencies to issue vaccine or testing mandates to thwart its march.”

It then blamed right-wingers, saying, “Conservative and libertarian forces have defanged much of the nation’s public health system through legislation and litigation as the world staggers into the fourth year of covid. At least 30 states, nearly all led by Republican legislatures, have passed laws since 2020 that limit public health authority.”

The story hammered the point that “health officials and governors in more than half the country are now restricted from issuing mask mandates, school closures, and other protective measures or must seek permission from their state legislatures before renewing emergency orders,” thanks to conservatives.

Allowing everything to be shut down was a huge mistake which should never be repeated.

The liberal media claims it is not an enemy of the people, but they prove it over and over again.


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