Utah Mom Unloads On School After Her Daughter Was Given “Gross” Bugs to Eat for “Climate Change” Project (VIDEO)

A Utah mom is speaking out after her daughter’s middle school her daughter and the other students were given insects to eat as part of an English assignment on climate change last week.

The March 7 assignment by a Spring Cannon Middle School teacher instructed the students to write an essay on how eating bugs would save the planet from cows which were “killing the world.” Students were not allowed to write a dissenting opinion.

The school said that children “loved the ewww factor” and many gave the bugs a try. Kids were given extra credit if they did so.

Amanda Wright told Fox News Digital she believed the children were being indoctrinated into a “dark climate change” religion.

She then set up a meeting with the school principal, Alison Hansen, and six other staff members. Her daughter’s teacher, Kim Cutler was also in the meeting.

Wright recorded the meeting while her daughter, Saige, made a separate video as well.

Fox News with more:

She wasn’t given an option to give an argument,” Wright said about the argumentative essay in the meeting.

“Well, the assignment was about finding facts to support,” Hansen said.

“All the evidence has suggested, that we probably should be eating bugs – it’s good for the environment, etc. But I didn’t know that that was an offensive topic to indicate,” teacher Kim Cutler said, according to an audio recording.

A separate video recording was taken by Wright’s daughter in the classroom.

“How come we can’t state our opinion and write that we shouldn’t be eating bugs?” she asked Cutler.

“Because we don’t have any evidence to support it,” Cutler said.

“It’s kind of weird that I gave you a topic where there is only one right answer. We don’t want to eat bugs and it’s gross. But should we be eating bugs? Yeah, because we’re killing the world by raising cows and animals. So we need to, not get rid of cows, but like, try to balance our diet so that not so much of our land is being used to raise cows, cause it’s killing the Ozone layer.”

“What if you wanted to – ” the student interrupted.

The teacher said, “You don’t have any evidence to support it. There’s only one right answer to this essay. And it’s that Americans should be eating bugs. Everyone in the world is eating them, it’s healthy for the environment and there’s just, there’s only one right answer.”

Wright went on “Jesse Watters Primetime” Thursday night and told Watters she would be taking action after the school refused to listen to her concerns and back off. She added that she found the administration was “very condescending” and “absolutely rude” during the exchanges.

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I already went to the school and had a meeting with the principal and six other staff and nothing was done. So I am planning on taking this to the district. I am definitely upset. This is an uncomfortable topic that they’re pushing this agenda on our children, and I’m definitely going to be taking this way up the ladder further.

I honestly don’t know what the protocol is for this. I’m not sure what – if the teacher is going to get any heat in this. I’m more concerned about the district and where this curriculum came from and also the principal of the school being very condescending in emails that were sent by concerned parents. Her response was just absolutely rude and trying to make it look like my daughter had these videos out of context which I don’t appreciate.

Saige, for her part, says she feels awkward returning to school after the assignment and their subsequent meeting with school officials.

It was kind of awkward going back to school after we talked about this topic.


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