“US Supporting Corrupt Oligarchs”: Are We Making the Same Mistakes in Ukraine as Afghanistan?

“Any time you spend that much money in any country, you’re bound to get wastage,” Afghan inspector John Sopko said

The US Special inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) John Sopko, who has tracked billions of dollars of wasted money after the Biden Regime’s disastrous retreat from Afghanistan, warned that the US government approach to aid has not changed, speaking to Fox News.

“The very worst outcome is that the assistance gets diverted, stolen in such a way that it doesn’t accomplish its intended purpose — in this case, providing the Ukrainians with the weapons and the money to win their war against the aggressor, Russia,” Sopko told Fox News.

The Biden Regime has pleged at least 113 billion $ of taxpayer money to the most corrupt government in Europe with no oversight. It is inevitable that money will be lost to waste and corruption, Sopko said:

“We’re spending a heck of a lot of money in that country, and any time you spend that much money in any country, you’re bound to get wastage. You’re bound to get corrupt elements of not only the Ukrainian or the host government, but also of U.S. government contractors or other third party contractors to try to steal the money. There’s just so much money going in, and it’s hard to keep track of.”

Without sufficient oversight, aid “gets stolen or diverted to local oligarchs or local politicians, or just the average Ukrainian will see the waste,” Sopko told Fox News. The result would be a loss of “support of the Ukrainian government by the average Ukrainian who’s fighting, dying and bleeding at the front. And that’s what we saw in Afghanistan. The Afghans saw all the money being diverted by corrupt politicians by their version of oligarchs and so when the Taliban was pushing toward the end, the average Afghan soldier or police officer or bureaucrat just said, ‘I’m not gonna die for this government… they’re stealing everything.’ And we, the donors, the U.S., were identified as supporting the corrupt oligarchs.”


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