Trump Attorney Joe Tacopina Calls for Investigation of the Unhinged New York County District Attorney’s Office for Political Weaponization Against the Former President

On Monday, Joseph Tacopina, President Donald Trump’s attorney, joined Sean Hannity to discuss the weaponization of the New York County District Attorney’s Office against President Trump and his written request to have the DA’s office itself investigated.

Tacopina detailed how the DA’s office, desperate to get rid of President Trump and curtail his political ambitions, has scoured every aspect of his life in the hopes of finding some legal basis to prosecute him.

As each far-fetched and convoluted attempt fails, the NYDA simply pivots to a new theory in a series of politically motivated investigations.

Tacopina details the prosecutorial misconduct that is a blatant and unconstitutional effort to weaponize the NYDA to stop President Trump from running for re-election.

Specifically, Tacopina requests an investigation into the motives and actions of former lead prosecutors, former District Attorney Cyrus Vance, former NYDA General Counsel Carey Dunne, and former Special Assistant District Attorney Mark Pomerantz as well as the current prosecutors including District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Speaking with Hannity, Tacopina shares:

I still hold out hope that justice will prevail Sean, because there has to be, and is in fact, a heavy dose of disgust in the legal community. In the bar, with prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges…that they’re doing this. This is not what we do. The legal system has now been weaponized, and completely weaponized.

And you know, you could read that idiot Mark Pomerantz’s book, who violated all sorts of Grand Jury secrecy laws, had a fiduciary duty to keep things confidential, and instead wrote a book.

And if you read his book, he even said….it was amazing what he admitted there…that he was just looking for a crime to fit the person.  And that’s not what we do and that’s not what we should be doing.

Clearly, here, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has stooped to that level if they are looking at this Stormy Daniels because one thing is clear…that every single legal scholar, former members of the federal election committee have opined that no crime was committed here.  There was no campaign law violation. At all.

Tacopina continues

Any prosecution in this matter would be completely unprecedented, meaning this would be the first ever in the history of this country.  And think about that….think of that statement…let that roll around in your brain…for a minute or two.  Campaign finance laws are murky to begin with, and all the underlying legal theories that they have here, that we’ve been hearing about from the Manhattan DA’s office are untested…completely untested…and have never been utilized in this manner.

Watch the full interview.

In his letter to Jocelyn Strauber, Commissioner for the New York Department of Investigation, Tacopina details the NYDA’s reprehensible conduct including:

  1. Pomerantz, Dunne, and Vance’s Animus Towards President Trump
  2. This Animus Was a Motivating Factor in The Scorched-Earth Effort to Investigate Every Aspect of Donald Trump’s Life and Find Some Way to Prosecute Him for Some Crime
  3. The Breadth of the Investigation
  4. The Funding Sources
  5. The NYDA’s Insistence on Pursuing Charges Against President Trump Based on “Novel” Legal Theories
  6. Repeatedly Dismissing the Concerns of Experienced Senior Prosecutors
  7. The Failure of Pomerantz and Others in the NYDA to Put Aside Their Personal and Political Animus Towards President Trump
  8. The NYDA’s Ongoing Efforts to Resurrect The “Zombie Case” Yet Again

Read the full letter below.



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