The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft Talks Jan. 6 and Death of Rosanne Boyland on The Michael Savage Show

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft recently joined The Michael Savage Show to discuss the extensive, and exclusive, reporting by TGP and American Gulag on the horrific injustices being perpetrated on the J6 political prisoners by the federal government.

Dr. Savage was unaware that Rosanne Boyland was killed on the steps of the US Capitol that day.   Her death has received ZERO coverage from the mainstream media except the early lies where they reported she died from an overdose.

As The Gateway Pundit has previously reported, Rosanne was an American citizen. A woman, a sister, a beloved aunt, a friend. A daughter, a Daddy’s girl. A recovered addict who dedicated her life to helping others fight their addictions. Fisherwoman, camper, an amateur chef. A first-time voter. A Trump Supporter. A hopeful human being who felt like her presence on January 6th was important – she came to Washington D.C. from Kenesaw, Georgia- marching and smiling… under the optimistic impression her voice would be heard. Instead, they killed her.  She was later killed by Capitol Police.

In their investigation, Capitol Police deemed the deadly beating of Rosanne Boyland to be “objectively reasonable.”

From the Michael Savage interview:

Jim Hoft: But we have a friend Jake Lang, who was actually there when Rosanne Boyland, this name that most people never heard of, the woman who was killed on the US Capital steps by the police in a protest on January 6, 2021 this woman, we have a video we have statements… Jake was there when she died, they’ve moved him around to so many different prisons, this goes back to what you were saying Dr. Savage.  

Dr. Savage: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, a woman was killed by the police a year after the riot?

Jim Hoft: No, no that was it on January 6, 2021. It never got any play.

Dr. Savage: She was killed on the steps?! How?

Jim Hoft: Yes, yes. We’ve reported on this… I urge your readers to look up Roseanne Boyland at Gateway Pundit …do a search. there.. and you’ll find that this woman ,she was the most tragic story doctor, she was sober for eight years. She goes to the US Capitol, she’s a Trump supporter. She’s happy to be there.

She ends up getting pushed down by the police, trampled, gassed, she couldn’t get up get up, she’s suffocated. Then we see this cop Lila Morris, we’ve identified Officer Lila Morris,  beating her with a baton 40, 30,40 times with this baton. She’s hitting Roseanne so hard, and Roseanne isn’t moving at this point,  that she loses her baton in the air and Roseanne…the Trump supporters drag Roseanne away from the cops because the cops did not do anything.

Dr. Savage: Oh my God.

Jim Hoft: They try to resuscitate her, she dies on the US Capitol steps.  And this never…Dr. this is what’s so tragic, it makes me want to cry when I tell the story… it’s never been reported.

You’ll find video (on TGP) of her being beaten, you’ll find video of her friends trying to resuscitate her. She was dragged in the US Capitol by her feet… she’s heavy…a heavy woman…they dragged her into the Capital, tried to revive her there,  they threw her around like a block of meat… and then she died.

And you know what they did Dr., what’s so  tragic is, they told her parents that she overdosed, this woman. And here she was sober, chairing meetings in her community. Her family was very proud of her sobriety, and the media and the government lied to her family saying she suffered an overdose.

You watch that video of her getting beaten by the cops and you tell me she got she died from an overdose. It is not… that did not happen… and it was a final insult for Roseanne Boyland was the fact that the media and the government told her family that she, she had relapsed and suffered cardiac arrest from an overdose.

Dr. Savage: How horrible. 

Jim Hoft:  Of course Dr. Savage, you could imagine if a Black Lives Matter protester, if an Antifa protester is a pro abortion protester was killed on the US Capital steps, do you think that the media would ignore that? Not for one second.

Listen to the full interview below. The segment begins at 18:28.


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