New York Magazine Art Critic on Twitter ‘Shun’ Friends and Family If They Vote Republican

Image: @jerrysaltz/Instagram


New York magazine’s veteran art critic Jerry Saltz has taken to Instagram to tell followers to shun anyone in their life who has ever voted for a Republican candidate.  The advice includes cutting out even “friends and family.”

Saltz writes, “If you know anyone who voted Republican — including friends and family — you should shun them. No need to even tell them that you are no longer communicating with them or why. You own (sic) it yourself, to them, your country, and any idea of moral damage.”

“And yes, they want to bring back lynching.”

Image: @jerrysaltz/Instagram




The New York Post reports:

Saltz — who was responding to a post of an old photo of Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee in drag, protesting a state law banning drag performances in front of kids — concluded the post by writing: “And yes, they want to bring back lynching.”

The Post has sought comment from Saltz and New York Magazine.

The comments by Saltz — who also is the husband of New York Times art critic Roberta Smith — sparked immediate protests.

“It’s called hatred to cut off people just because they believe differently than you,” one Instagram user responded to Saltz. “Petty people that can’t survive in life unless everything and everyone believes like them.”

Gad Saad, the Canadian professor and evolutionary behavioral expert, sarcastically tweeted, “I disowned my children because they have used the verb ‘trumped’.”

Later, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald weighed in: “Excising everyone in your life who has different political views than you — including your parents, siblings and children — seems like a very psychologically unhealthy thing to do.

“Doing that as a journalist seems fatal to the job, as well as psychologically ill,” Greenwald wrote.

“These people are insane,” another critic of Saltz added. “They believe every ounce of propaganda CNN and [the New York Times] throw at them and then feel they’re opinions are holier then thou.”



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