NEW: Speaker McCarthy Says CNN Did More Damage Than Tucker – Then Reveals New Information About January 6 Committee (VIDEO)

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Tuesday evening was ambushed by rabid, left-wing reporters for giving Fox News host Tucker Carlson access to January 6 footage.

The Democrat-RINO-Media complex collectively lost their minds after Speaker McCarthy gave Tucker Carlson never-before-seen January 6 footage.

The newly released J6 footage blew the “insurrection” narrative up.

So-called ‘reporters’ asked McCarthy why he chose transparency over politics in deciding to release the footage.

McCarthy defended Tucker Carlson and said transparency was his first priority.

“Each person can come up with their own conclusion, I just wanted to make sure that I had transparency,” McCarthy said.

The Speaker then blasted CNN for airing footage that put his security at risk.

“I know when CNN.. where you guys actually broke where we were. This was a secret location…I don’t know if you got concern about that. I don’t even know from a point of security if we can ever be taken there again – but when you broke that at CNN that was a real concern to a lot of people,” McCarthy said blasting the CNN reporter.

McCarthy said he worked with the Capitol Police to make sure he wasn’t posting any footage that would put security at risk.

“I worked with the Capitol Police. I asked them for any clips on the way that they had concern with, the security level. Only one of the clips did. We were able to change that,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy then revealed something new about the January 6 Committee.

“An interesting thing the Capitol Police told us when we went through this is that January 6 never asked them about that – the security, so that’s why they showed, unfortunately, Vice President Pence when he was being escorted out – they used my office…they never asked the Capitol Police if that’s showing security clearance – which they should – they didn’t! They didn’t ask me as well,” McCarthy said.


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