Libs Of TikTok Creator Tries To Confront AOC For Lying About Her, Leaves Her A Note – “She Cowered”

Back in February, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacked Libs of TikTok during a House oversight committee hearing.

She accused the creator, Chaya Raichik, of pushing false information about Boston Children’s Hospital and inspiring a bomb threat against it.

She attempted to confront AOC over her remarks.

She was greeted by a staffer but when it was clear she wasn’t going to get to see AOC, she left a note.

The note read, “Dear AOC, please don’t lie about American citizens. Love, Chaya”

VIDEO (partial transcript below)

AOC Aide: No. Do you need a card?

Raichik: Basically, she lied about me on the House floor a couple of weeks ago.

Aide: Are you recording?

Raichik: So I just wanted to ask her why she lied about me?

Aide: Okay. Give me one second

Raichik: I don’t think we’re going to get to talk with her. I don’t know if she’s in or not, but I think that door slam was really telling…I don’t think they want to talk to us.

On Friday, she joined Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss what happened.

She said AOC, “cowered away.”

Fox News reported:

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday, Raichik suggested she was not surprised AOC didn’t meet with her.

“I absolutely had no expectations for her to own up to it. I went to her office, and I was ready to sit down with her and get to the bottom of this and explain it. And I don’t know if she was in the office or not, but I know she cowered away,” she said.

“I don’t think she would ever face me or ever have a discussion about it. But I as an American citizen — I don’t appreciate being defamed in front of millions of people. So I wanted to confront her, and she cowered.”

Raichik added Ocasio-Cortez is protected by legislative privilege and is therefore able to “lie about me in a committee hearing.”

Here is the segment:

AOC should apologize to Chaya Raichik for lying about her!

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