Liberal College Professor Placed on Leave for Suggesting it’s OK to Murder Conservative Speakers

A professor at Wayne State University has been placed on leave after suggesting on social media that rather than shouting down conservative speakers on campus, it’s OK to murder them instead.

Higher education in America has become completely dominated by the radical left. That’s likely why this person felt free to make these comments.

The left does not want to debate ideas. They want conservatives silenced.

Reason reported:

Professor Suggests Murder as Alternative to Shouting Down Speakers

An English professor at Wayne State University apparently had an overheated reaction to the fiasco at Stanford Law School. He thought the protesters did not go far enough, and he took to Facebook to say so.

“I think it is far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic, or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down,”he began, and he concluded with “The exemplary historical figure in this regard is Sholem Schwarzbard, who assassinated the anti-Semitic butcher Symon Petliura, rather than trying to shout him down. Remember that Schwarzbard was acquitted by a jury, which found his action justified.”

The president of Wayne State has now announced that the professor has been suspended and his social media post referred to law enforcement.

It’s really sad that we’ve come to this point.

Here’s a video report:

This is one of the reasons why there will always be opposition to ‘free’ college.

Half of the taxpayers who would be funding it are not even welcome on college campuses.


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