“I Perceive This as Dereliction of Duty and I Take that Very Seriously” – Rep. Cory Mills Presents Articles of Impeachment Against Disgraced DOD Secretary Lloyd Austin (VIDEO)

Disgraced Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin testified before the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday in support of Joe Biden’s defense budget request.

Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) had a more pressing issue on his mind, however. He was seeking to hold the Biden regime accountable for the botched withdrawal in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is perhaps the most sordid part of Biden’s destructive legacy. As the Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft reported, a US Marine sniper was denied permission to shoot and kill the Kabul airport suicide bomber Who killed the 13 America service members during the botched withdrawal.

Not only does the Biden regime have the blood of these soldiers on their hands, but thousands of interpreters, their families, and the families of US soldiers as well are dead as well because the Regime’s choices during the withdrawal.

One example was reported The Gateway Pundit in August. The brother of a US Marine killed in the Kabul bombing due to Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal committed suicide at the memorial for the fallen soldier.

Mills completely destroyed Lloyd Austin. He told the defense secretary that he viewed his conduct during the failed Afghanistan operation as dereliction of duty and that Austin lacked the honor to resign.

He next called out Austin for leaving Americans and their Afghan friends to die. Mills also revealed the massive increase in suicide rates of American soldiers as a result of the botched withdrawal.

Mills then showed Austin that he had drafted the articles of impeachment against him.




Not only do I believe you should have resigned as a result of this continuation, this path. But I myself perceive this as dereliction of duty and I take that very seriously.

Especially for our armed service members and those of us looking for accountability as a result of this botched withdrawal.

Based on my perception having conducted these operations, seeing how political optics has been placed above the true military strategy where we should have held Bagram Air Base, held the detention center, had a way to conduct a withdrawal as opposed to not shut down and entrap Americans… and abandoning thousands of Americans.

Not to mention those who have fought along beside us who are methodically and systemically being murdered right now who trusted the American people for 20-plus years.

And the increase in suicide rates of American soldiers which spiked over this failed withdrawal as a result of them feeling as if they had failed.

That is why Secretary Austin and based on further hearings and investigations, I have already drafted my articles of impeachment for the dereliction of duty.

I feel there needs to be accountability at the top and highest levels. And I hope we can get true accountability in future hearings and investigations and your testimonies that would actually substantiate or discredit my beliefs.

With that I yield back.


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