Estimated 2022 US Vaccine Damage Report Shows $148 Billion in Economic Damage, Over 26 Million Injured

According to an analysis conducted by Phinance Technologies, the COVID-19 vaccine in the United States in 2022 caused over 26 million injuries, costing the economy nearly $150 billion, Epoch Times reported.

The purpose of the research dubbed the Vaccine Damage Project, was to calculate the economic impact and human cost of the COVID-19 vaccine’s damage.

Estimate the human cost.

This includes deaths caused or hastened by the vaccines, which will be shown using our methodology for estimating excess deaths, as well as increases in disability rate, and other vaccine injuries. We will need to consider carefully the impact of the vaccine rollout alongside other factors such as lockdown and Long-Covid, by looking at both the timing and magnitude of any increases in disabilities and deaths.

Estimate economic impact.

Once the human impact is properly measured, we will have the knowledge to estimate the economic impact. Each aspect of the vaccine damage investigation will have economic agents that will benefit and others that will suffer. For instance, it seems obvious that mortuary companies would benefit from excess mortality and life insurers will be harmed. This will lead to a reallocation of resources and re-pricing of risk by the different economic agents.

A broader approach is to estimate the impact on the overall economy of each aspect of the vaccine damage. A drop in the number of working age individuals would lead to a drop in GDP. We believe this impact is negligible for now. A greater impact will likely arise from an increase in disabilities in the labour force in the medium to long term.

Phinance Technologies, a global macro investment company co-founded by former BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd, reveals the shocking numbers.

According to Edward Dowd, around 26.6 million people were injured (Estimated Economic Cost: 89.9 billion), 1.36 million had disabilities (Estimated Economic Cost: 52.2 billion) and 300,000 excess deaths (Estimated Economic Cost: $5.6 Billion).

“Pfizer & Moderna in 2022 had combined C-19 vaccine revenues in US of $11.5 billion so… For every $1 dollar they made it cost the US economy $13 dollars,” Dowd wrote on Twitter.

“Quite the negative societal ROI. Largest crime scene in history. Multiply this across the globe,” he added.

Below is the data for the Vaccine Damage Report – Human Cost


We summarised the human cost of the Covid-19 inoculations by identifying three broad groups of people who suffered varying levels of damage. We obtained estimates for the pool of individuals within the population who belong to each of these vaccine-damaged groups, using the US population as an example.
We investigated the human cost in relatively young and healthy age groups as these are the most representative for the productive population (workforce). For absences, we estimated the injured pool of individuals by using the full time workers aged 25-54, while for disabilities we use the employed workers aged 16-64 and for excess deaths we use the population aged 25-64.
Our results are summarised below:

Group 4: The most extreme damage (death).

  • Excess deaths are estimated to have occurred at an absolute rate of about 0.1% of the 25-64 population for 2021 and 2022 combined (upper limit).
  • This represents a about 23% excess mortality for 2021 and 2022, relative to the expected baseline.
  • In absolute numbers, this represents about 310,000 excess deaths.

Group 3: With severe damage (disabilities).

  • The rise in disabilities in the Civilian Labor Force population since the start of 2021 was about 0.93%, corresponding to a 24.6% rise.
  • In absolute numbers, an estimated 1.36 million individuals aged 16-64 that are actively engaged in the labour market, became disabled.

Group 2: With mild to moderate damage (injuries).

  • About 18% of the Employed Labor Force aged 16-64 is estimated to have suffered injuries due to the Covid-19 vaccine rollout program that started in 2021.
  • In absolute numbers, an estimated 26.6 million individuals have been injured by the inoculations.
  • This corresponded to a 28.6% rise in absence rates in 2022 relative to 2019, and a 50% rise in lost worktime rates.

Below is the data for the Vaccine Damage Report – Economic Impact

  • The total estimated economic cost for 2022 due to vaccine damage is around $148 Bn.
  • For each group, the economic cost for 2022 was: $5.6 Bn due to excess deaths, $52.2 Bn due to loss of productivity due to excess disabilities, and $79.5 Bn due to excess lost worktime.
  • Milder damage is associated with larger economic cost, as it affects a larger portion of the population.
  • We need to monitor the longer-term impact of the vaccine damage as they amount to an important economic impact.
“Our economic damage estimates are what we can measure. The knock effects such as lost productivity due to a worker being present but working at say 50%-75% of capacity is missed plus burn out from those picking up slack. Also supply chain delays are not captured etc and etc. The multiplier effects are massive,” said Dowd.
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