Eric Greitens: Soros’ Scheme Against Trump is More than a Political Attack. Here’s what it means for you, and for America.

Guest post by Eric Greitens, former Governor of Missouri

I know, from personal experience, how far George Soros-funded prosecutors will go to carry out political assassinations of effective leaders.

The sham criminal case being brought against President Trump is the latest in a series of political prosecutions carried out by radical Soros-backed prosecutors.

This plot was practiced and perfected over many years, with many targets—all of whose only “crime” was standing up boldly against a corrupt political establishment.

After I stopped riots and stopped political insiders from stealing taxpayer money as Governor of Missouri, a Soros-funded prosecutor came after me.

She hired a corrupt former FBI agent, who was later charged with 7 felonies for perjury and evidence tampering. She lied to the media, to the judge, and to a Grand Jury. Ultimately, all her false charges against me were dismissed and the prosecutor herself was found to have lied over 70 times and was sanctioned and fined by the Supreme Court for her failed political prosecution.

Yet while I may have been among the first, I was certainly not the last. Most Americans remember the gruesome attacks on President Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee, Brett

People remember the vicious assault against Lt. General Michael Flynn, a brave American patriot who served as President Trump’s national security advisor. General Flynn posed a true threat to the cancerous, globalist deep state and he was taken out with dirty tricks and a corrupted “justice” system.

They’ve weaponized the “justice” system to attack America First patriots like Steve Bannon and Matt Gaetz.

Now, they’ve set their sights on a former President of the United States.

To call this a “political prosecution” understates the actual damage it does to America. This is not simply a political attack; it is yet another frontal assault on the very idea of The United
States of America.

The very idea of “a law” that had merit and meaning beyond the mere wishes of those in power was one of the great gifts of Israel, embodied in the Old Testament. It was a new idea, never before practiced in human history.

The very idea that such a law could be embodied in a Constitution, and that every individual citizen in a Republic could be equal before the law was also a new invention in human history, first practiced in the United States of America.

America’s pursuit of equality before the law has always been imperfect. Yet most Americans have always agreed on the aim of law, of justice, of equality before the law. The idea is simple: in the courts, no one should be favored; no one should be targeted. People should get a fair shake.

In his famous Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King pointed out that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” as he called forth his fellow citizens to stand for

Today’s unholy alliance of Soros’-funded hitmen and fake news liars knew that King was right. That’s why they push for injustice of the most flagrant flavor; it destroys the very idea of

America’s justice system has always been imperfect, yet for most of American history it was also the envy of the world. No longer. Both inside and outside America, it’s become a common
belief that Americans only “have” the Constitutional rights that they can afford.

If a political prosecutor came after you, and caused your family to wrack up millions of dollars in legal bills, how long would you last? 1 million dollars; 2 million dollars; 10 million dollars?

Some men stand strong. Bob McDonnell, former governor of Virginia, was politically targeted.

He was eventually found innocent by the Supreme Court of the United States 9-0. But only after being prosecuted, threatened with prison, and “winning” after coming out with $20
million dollars in debt and his reputation assaulted by years of lies .

It’s a plain fact in America today that people who hold certain political beliefs will be charged with imagined crimes, while others of a different political party—engaged in the exact same conduct—face no consequences.

The head of Stalin’s secret police, Lavrentiy Beria, famously said, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

America now bears that strong Soviet influence. Today the man targeted is Trump. Yesterday it was me. Tomorrow will it be you?

It’s important to dispense with illusions.

The Soros team is not bound by the law. They seek to break it and they are free to break it. Prosecutors have near complete immunity.

The truth does not matter to them; they relish the telling of lies. The propaganda press who promote the work of Soros’ funded prosecutors are not blind. They are not dumb. They are

Even when confronted directly with the facts, they choose to write twisted lies. They are, as Teddy Roosevelt noted, cold and timid souls, who come alive in and enjoy the evil they spread.

They are willing to hurt children and cash in on criminality. They do this with no remorse.

The political class of both parties is weak, cowardly, and in on the game. The class of political profiteers (politicians, consultants, lobbyists, grifters) feed off of political rot. Don’t look to them for courage.

Gutless politicians who refuse to condemn these partisan hit jobs are just as culpable as those who bear false witness. Their silence is deafening and will ring loudly in the minds of Americans for years to come.

I served as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan and Iraq, and I saw the evil of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS. But at least they are honest about what they are trying to do—something that can’t be said for crooked prosecutors like Kim Gardner or Alvin Bragg.

The divine beauty of the idea of the law was that it meant that “justice” could be sought in the courts, and not at the hands of the mob, directed by the hearts of the vengeful.

Before I served in the military I worked as a humanitarian volunteer, with Bosnians in refugee camps after ethnic cleansing, in Rwanda after the genocide. When societies collapse, millions of innocent people suffer.

Make no mistake about where Soros wants to take the country.

The time to stand up is now.

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