Deranged Former MSNBC Host Keith Olbermann Tries to Smear Tucker Carlson With Another Conspiracy Theory (VIDEO)

Former MSNBC host and deranged leftist Keith Olbermann is trying to smear FOX News host Tucker Carlson with a new conspiracy theory about Tucker supposedly sharing a link by a racist and Holocaust denier.

It’s utter lunacy, but this is the same man who made a name for himself in the early 2000s by going on the air every night and calling George W. Bush a fascist.

It’s amazing to think that this guy used to be the king of MSNBC before he was dethroned by Rachel Maddow.

Olbermann has tweeted his accusations about Tucker Carlson no less than SEVEN TIMES in the last two days.

Desperate much? Take a look below:








Two things are happening here.

First, Olbermann is pathetically trying to boost ratings on his little podcast by appealing to the left’s hatred of Tucker.

Second, by trying to target Tucker, he is acting exactly like the ‘fascists’ he so constantly claims to oppose.

Either way, people should just react with laughter. This man belongs in a padded room.