Democrat Congressman Mocks God During Congressional Hearing – Makes Social Media Gaffe Afterward

In a Congress full of morons, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) certainly fits right in.

Recall Cohen is the same genius who deemed it a good idea to bring a bucket of KFC to a House Judiciary Committee hearing back in May 2019 to mock then-Attorney General William Barr for not showing up.

Cohen only made himself look disgusting. reported that during Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Cohen denigrated Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and other conservative justices by mocking the fact our rights come from God.

I just wondered when God decided to give women the right to vote and why God didn’t decide to give women the right to vote back in the 1700s. The Constitution was drawn up in the 1780s. I can’t believe God would say “no, women shouldn’t have the right to vote.”

And when God decided slavery would be illegal. God was okay with slavery until we have a war where millions of people were killed and then God changed his mind? That’s hard to fathom.


He concludes his rant by reiterating his mistaken views. “God did not decide to keep African-Americans as slaves and then change his mind,” said Cohen. “And I don’t believe God didn’t decide women could not vote until 1918.”

Here’s a reality check for Cohen: the government is not an arbiter of freedom. They decide what rights they will rip away from you.

Then Cohen committed a brutal faceplant after the hearing concluded. Cohen went on Twitter and accidently endorsed a post calling him a racist for his remarks on blacks.

Just a reminder your tax dollars fund not only Cohen’s salary but also his embarrassing stunts. Even sadder is the fact that voters in Cohen’s congressional district are fine with his performance in office.


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