“A Threat to Nobody!” Oscar-Winning Director Thanks Parents for Not Stifling His Creativity Even When Dressing in Drag as a Child – Crowd Gives Him a Standing Ovation (VIDEO)

Daniel Scheinert


It would not be the Oscars without Hollywood leftists.

In his speech, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” co-director Daniel Scheinert thanked his parents for letting him dress in drag as a child. He shared the Oscar for Best Director with the film’s other co-director, Daniel Kwan.

After Scheinert finished his speech, the crowd roared their approval.



We want to dedicate this to the mommies, all the mommies in the world. Our moms.

Specifically, my mom and dad, Ken and Becky. Thank you for not squashing my creativity when I was making really disturbing horror films or really perverted comedy films.

Or dressing in drag as kid, which is a threat to nobody! (Crowd loudly applauds)

Breitbart points out Scheinert’s remarks were almost certainly influenced by red states like Tennessee acting to ban drag shows for kids. Celebrities such as RuPaul, Whoopi Goldberg, Gabrielle Union, and Melissa McCarthy have voiced their opposition to efforts to protect children.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre approvingly retweeted Scheinert’s remarks: