World Series Poker Player Caught On Hot Mic “I Wish I Never Got the Vaccine”

Image: Screenshot @canindependent/Twitter

The Canadian Independent caught an interesting moment between two players at a World Series Poker event in 2022.  One of the players regrets getting the COVID vaccine and complains of chest pains since receiving it.

Player One: “I wish I never got the vaccine.”

Player Two: “What’s that?”

Player One: “I wish I never got the vaccine.”

Player Two: “I never did….until…”

Player One: “I’ve been having chest pains ever since I had that thing.”

Player Two: “Really? You’re still having it?”

Player One: “Yeah, from time to time. And they’re saying if you get it it hardens the arteries…I need to go get it checked out. But ever since, dude….it’s been weird.”

Player Two: “That’s horrible. I held out until not even a month ago.”

Player One: “Is that right? Then why did you get it all of a sudden?”

Player Two: “Because I wanted to come play in the World Series.”

Player One: “But they didn’t have that guideline …this right now.”

Player Two: “Pardon me?”

Player One: “They didn’t have that……”

Player Two: “But as a foreigner you can’t get into the U.S. right now still….”



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