Thousands of Users Report They Are Unable to Tweet Shortly After Twitter Hearings Concluded

Thousands of users have reported Twitter is currently not working for them.

Many users have found themselves unable to retweet or send out tweets.

One of those users is conservative journalist Jack Posobiec who took to Telegram to write “Twitter isn’t letting me tweet or retweet.”

Others users are only getting the message “Sorry! You have exceeded your Tweet limit.”

Take a look:

Per Down Detector over 8,000 users reported Twitter was down for them at around 4:49pm which was shortly after the House Oversight Committee concluded their hearing.

Digital Trends would report data “shows 52% of users reporting problems with the Twitter app, 35% of users indicating website problems, and another 13% citing a server connection issue.”

The strange event occurred just hours after the lights mysteriously shut off during the House Oversight Committee hearing.

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