THE REAL VICTIM: Democrats Complain About ‘Republican Attacks’ on Buttigieg Following Ohio Train Disaster

The Ohio train derailment disaster has shown how utterly useless Pete Buttigieg is as transportation secretary, yet many of his Democrat supporters see him as the real victim in all of this.

They don’t look at this and see thousands of American families in crisis, they see a once and future presidential candidate taking heat.

Poor Mayor Pete. He is obviously the one who is hurt the most here.

This Politico report shows where the Democrats’ real priorities lie:

Buttigieg world frustrated at GOP attacks over train wreck

This month’s toxic derailment in a small Ohio village has put Pete Buttigieg under pressure like never before — leaving him scrambling to contain a public health and transportation crisis only partially under his purview while absorbing the brunt of attacks from the Biden administration’s adversaries.

Publicly and privately, signs are growing that the Transportation secretary’s usual Eagle Scout patience is giving way to frustration.

He has gotten into Twitter spats with U.S. senators. His curt brush-off of a Daily Caller reporter who ambushed him during a walk turned into a viral video that has drawn more than 3 million views since Tuesday night. And on Wednesday, Buttigieg’s allies were complaining that he’s taking an unfair pounding over the disaster — all because of his perceived ambitions as a one-time and future presidential hopeful.

“Pete Buttigieg has taken a lot of bullets for the president on this,” one senior Democrat said Wednesday, insisting on anonymity to talk about a crisis that the person was not authorized to discuss…

The “effort by Fox News and Republicans” to use the pain of the East Palestine community “as a political weapon is both enraging and demeaning,” the senior Democrat said…

“These are bad faith attacks from Republicans who have been in lockstep with the rail lobby to unravel safety protections,” White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates said.

Could Democrats and the liberal media be any more out of touch?

Pete Buttigieg’s presidential ambitions are going up in smoke like a burning train in Ohio.

He is not the victim in all of this. He is part of the problem.


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