Predictable: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Insists Ron DeSantis Would be ‘More Authoritarian’ Than Trump (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Joy Reid recently claimed on her show that if elected president, Ron DeSantis would be ‘more authoritarian’ than Trump. This is as predictable as the rising sun.

First of all, Trump is not an authoritarian. Second, neither is DeSantis.

Joy Reid is just gearing up for the possibility that DeSantis runs for president. This will be the narrative of the liberal media.

From NewsBusters:

Joy Reid: DeSantis More Authoritarian Than Trump, Hates Civil Rights

On MSNBC’s The ReidOut, host Joy Reid melted down once again over Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. Proving how terrified the left is of DeSantis becoming the Republican nominee. According to Reid, DeSantis is a “more functionally authoritarian version of Trump” and would seek a return to a “Pre-civil rights America.”

Reid started off her show by wailing that “if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis becomes President of the United States, which he is clearly aiming for, America will become the land of total government control over women’s bodies, black history, gender identity, how you can teach, learn, read, think, even talk!”

“It would essentially be a more functionally authoritarian version of Trump, a more action, less personality type of President who’s basically offering two options. Pre-civil rights America, or total control of society,” Reid huffed.

Then she got to the real reason for bringing up DeSantis, he’s out this week with a brand new book. This gave Reid an opportunity to mock the title.

“[H]is new book titled, and I’m not making this up, “the courage to be free” has a firsthand account from the blue-collar boy with a dream to take down Disney and librarians,” Reid said with a smug smirk.

Here’s the video:

Reid has nothing to lose here. If Trump is the GOP nominee, she will go after him as she always does. If DeSantis is the nominee, she will continue to claim that he is somehow ‘worse’ than Trump.

It’s all so predictable.

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