Simple Demonstration by JD Vance Shows How Polluted the Waters Are in East Palestine, Ohio After Toxic Train Wreck

The waters in East Palestine, Ohio are thoroughly polluted with toxic chemicals after the train wreck and controlled fire of toxic chemicals earlier this month. A simple demonstration by Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) stirring up the water brings a sheen of chemicals to the surface. An East Palestine resident got the same result with a similar demonstration.

The colorful water display is not a photo filter, it is toxic chemicals stirred up from the creek bed, screen image via Nick Sortor/Twitter.

Vance was in East Palestine to meet with residents. He stopped by a creek and showed how poisoned the water is, observing there are dead worms and fish.

Nick Sorter filmed a resident stirring up a larger area:

Speaking to reporters, Vance challenged EPA Administrator Michael Regan to drink the water if he says it is safe.

Sortor said he did just that and Regan declined.

WXIX-TV reporter Tricia Macke posted on Wednesday she had to leave after two hours because she was feeling nauseous.

The BBC reports the area still contaminated even as the trains roll through town again.

The AP reported Regan asked residents to “trust the government” (excerpt):

…EPA Administrator Michael Regan sought to reassure residents who are skeptical of testing results that say the air is safe to breathe and the water is fit for drinking around East Palestine, where just under 5,000 people live near the Pennsylvania state line.

“I’m asking they trust the government. I know that’s hard. We know there’s a lack of trust,” Regan said. “We’re testing for everything that was on that train.”

…In the nearly two weeks since the derailment forced evacuations, residents have complained about suffering from headaches and irritated eyes and finding their cars and lawns covered in soot. The hazardous chemicals that spilled from the train killed thousands of fish, and residents have talked about finding dying or sick pets and wildlife.

Regan, who stood along a waterway still reeking of chemicals, said anyone who is fearful of being in their home should seek testing from the government.

“People have been unnerved. They’ve been asked to leave their homes,” he said, adding that if he lived there, he would be willing to move his family back into the area as long as the testing shows it’s safe.

CBS headline on Regan’s visit (excerpt): EPA Administrator Michael Regan tells East Palestine residents air and water are safe

When asked if he would feel comfortable living in East Palestine, he said he would if air and water tests in the homes showed it was safe.

“As a father, I trust the science, I trust the methodology that the state is using,” he said.

“I would encourage every family in this community to reach out to the state or EPA to get their home air quality tested and their water tested. We have the resources to do it, we want to do it and we want people to feel secure and safe in their homes,” he added.

At Wednesday night’s town hall (sans Norfolk Southern), the water fountains were locked off.

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