Robert Kiyosaki Speaks Out Against “Childish” Marxist Professors Protesting Event Tonight At ASU

Arizona State University’s Health, Wealth, and Happiness discussion with conservative speakers has come under attack by radical ASU professors attempting to cancel the event and provoke rage among their students. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki discussed tonight’s event and Marxist ASU faculty’s objections with The Gateway Pundit this past weekend.

Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur and an advocate for capitalism and financial education. He has written 29 books on financial freedom, including two books co-authored with President Trump titled ‘Midas Touch‘ and ‘Why We Want You To Be Rich.’

Robert also served in the Marine Corps as a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War.

The event starts tonight at 7 pm at the ASU Gammage Auditorium, 1200 S. Forest Ave, Tempe.  Tickets are available online!

Students will receive free admission at the box office upon presenting their high school, college, trade school, or community college student ID.

The Gateway Pundit reported that members of the radical left faculty at Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College organized a petition against an event featuring Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author and PragerU founder Dennis Prager, and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

Read the full letter and names of signatories from an early copy of the petition by ASU Barrett faculty here.

EXCLUSIVE: 37 Marxist Arizona State University Honors Faculty Members Sign Petition Against Robert Kiyosaki, Dennis Prager, And Charlie Kirk Speaking On Campus – PETITION AND NAMES INCLUDED

Earlier this week, he called warned that protests had been threatened and called on Patriots to “show up and stand up to let the Woke liberal academic left know they cannot intimidate us, censor us, or stop us from attending.”

JUST IN – “WARNING: Picket Lines Have Been Threatened by the Faculty.” – Robert Kiyosaki Releases Statement on Leftist Attacks Against Upcoming ‘Health, Wealth and Happiness’ Event at ASU

This was just before Marxist Barrett faculty, led by Professor April Millerorganized a physical protest against free speech titled “A Response to Turning Point USA and PragerU” from 5:00-6:15 pm, on campus in Tempe. The un-American demonstration purports to be “in defense of the public university and an inclusive honors education.”

Arizona State University Censors Marketing For Conservative Speakers, Promotes Protests Led By Rogue Faculty Instead

Kiyosaki credited this radical cancel culture on college campuses to Marxism in the interview below. He recommended that every teacher and student read Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

Robert’s newest book, Capitalist Manifesto, which exposes the dangers of Marxism in education, is available here!

Watch below:

Conradson: You’re a featured speaker at an upcoming event at ASU Gammage theater. Health, Wealth & Happiness, can you tell us about that event, what you guys are going to be talking about, and why should everybody at ASU and in Arizona attend that event?

Kiyosaki: Health, Wealth, and Happiness at Gammage is about subjects we don’t cover at school. Health with this pandemic. I’ve had COVID, and I got cured with hydroxychloroquine. The guy that cured me is the guy speaking on Health, Dr. Radha Gopalan, and he’s a doctor of acupuncture, but he’s also a leading heart transplant surgeon at Banner. So, he talks about health from the east and west. And happiness, that’s Dennis Prager. Dennis Prager has helped me so much personally because he always talks about how we have a moral responsibility to be happy, and so many people today are not happy. Here I am, I have more money than I could ever use but still not happy. So I started listening to Dennis Prager on happiness. So that’s how it started off, Health, Wealth, and Happiness, and now we’re getting protested. Of all places, the university system should be the place for open ideas. But unfortunately, it has come to a place where there’s only closed ideas. Only what the academics say, are subjects worth understanding. To me, health, wealth, and happiness are priceless.

Conradson: You told me that you fought the Viet Cong as a Marine in the Vietnam War. When you returned home, obviously, you didn’t expect to get spit on and protested. Did you expect it to ever get this bad and continue where they’re just trying to shut you down for speaking out about health, wealth, and happiness?

Kiyosaki: When we got off the plane in Northern Air Force Base in California, our commanding officer got up there and says, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, you’re gonna get spit on, hit with eggs, and all this. Remember this, we fought for their freedom to protest.’ And that was, you know, as a Marine, we follow orders. And protesting was not part of our agenda as a US Marine. But, we did fight for their right to protest. I got spit on, got hit with a eggs, called baby killers, and all this stuff. And my only job was fighting for America’s freedom. I fought not for Republicans or Democrats, liberals and conservatives. I fought for freedom of speech. And there were those hippies back in the 70s, the Woodstock Generation, They were just using their freedom, but we fought for that! So, I couldn’t really complain. You know, I make this as a joke, to this day, when I speak to more conservative groups, I say, when I looked up at that crowd of all these hippies and Woodstockers yelling at us and spitting on us and hitting us with egg, I swear I saw Nancy Pelosi in there. I’m afraid those hippies became our leaders today.

Conradson: I noticed you have this Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx next to you. What, how does that relate to what’s going on at ASU and universities across the country?

Kiyosaki: In 1965, When I left Hilo, Hawaii, and went to school at the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York, my economics teacher said all of us should read this book, The Communist Manifesto. It was written in 1848. It’s only like 50 pages. And when I read this book, I realized that most teachers are Marxist, not saying they’re bad. People. But their value systems are very Marxist. Join labor unions, young workers of the world unite. Marx also predicted this, in 1848, that communism would take over America in two stages. Stage one came in 1930, when the Berlin School sent teachers to Columbia University’s Teachers College; they teach communism. Stage two came in 2020 When my friend Donald Trump, we’ve written two books together, got taken down via socialist media. So I recommend every teacher and every student should read this book to decide whether you’re a Marxist or a capitalist. I’m a capitalist. You know, you want to be a Marxist? Knock yourself out have a good life. every teacher, every student should read this book, written in 1848. And you can figure out if you’re a Marxist or a capitalist.

What is wrong with listening to people with different ideas? Of all places, the university system, because the students are older, should be open to hearing more, even opposed ideas, and then you can decide. So I think it’s kind of childish what these teachers are doing.

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