RATINGS BOMB: Viewership For Biden SOTU Address Down 29 Percent From Last Year – Lowest Audience in 30 Years

Ratings for Biden’s SOTU address are going in the same direction as Hollywood awards shows – down.

Viewership for the speech was down 29% from last year’s SOTU address, making it one of the least watched state of the union speeches in the last 30 years.

Is anyone surprised that people don’t want to hear Biden’s lies and slurred rants?

The Hollywood reporter has details:

TV Ratings: State of the Union Audience Drops

The on-air audience for the State of the Union address fell considerably from a year ago.

President Joe Biden’s second State of the Union averaged 24.17 million viewers across the four main broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC) and three largest cable news channels (CNN, Fox News and MSNBC). That’s down by about 29 percent from 33.83 million who watched the State of the Union on those seven outlets in 2022.

The 2022 State of the Union, the first official one of Biden’s term, brought in 38.2 million viewers across 16 outlets. Final figures from every Nielsen-rated channel that carried Tuesday’s address will be available later in the day, but the total is likely to be under 30 million on-air viewers, which would make it among the least watched State of the Union addresses (or presidential addresses to Congress for incoming executives) of the past 30 years.

Fox News had the largest for the speech with just under 4.7 million viewers, beating out ABC’s 4.41 million for the top spot. NBC finished third with 3.78 million viewers, followed by CBS (3.64 million), MSNBC (3.57 million), CNN (2.41 million) and the Fox broadcast network (1.66 million). Spanish language broadcasters Univision (1.08 million) and Telemundo (836,000) added about 1.9 million viewers to the total.

You can only lie to the public so many times before they tune you out.

Keep this in mind the next time someone in the liberal media claims it was a great speech.

It was the lowest audience in 30 years.


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