Pilots Who Shot Down Object Over Alaska Say It ‘Interfered with Sensors’ – Saw No Identifiable Propulsion

Pilots who shot down the mysterious ‘high-altitude’ over Alaska say it ‘interfered with their sensors.’

The ‘object’ shot down over Alaska on Friday entered US airspace before it was detected, a senior US official told Fox News.

“The official told Fox News the object was detected by the U.S. military while it was “over Alaska not far from the northern coast” on Thursday night.”

Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder said the aircraft that took out the object was an F-22 flying out of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson out of Alaska.

The fighter jet employed an AIM-9X to take down the object.

Pilots gave differing reports on what they experienced and observed, according to a report by CNN.

Some pilots said the object interfered with their sensors.

Other pilots said they observed no identifiable propulsion and couldn’t explain how the object was staying in the air.

CNN reported:

F-35 fighter jets were sent up to investigate after the object was first detected on Thursday, according to a US official. Kirby told reporters that the first fly-by of US fighter aircraft happened Thursday night, and the second happened Friday morning. Both brought back “limited” information about the object.

But the pilots later gave differing reports of what they observed, the source briefed on the intelligence said.

Some pilots said the object “interfered with their sensors” on the planes, but not all pilots reported experiencing that.

Some pilots also claimed to have seen no identifiable propulsion on the object, and could not explain how it was staying in the air, despite the object cruising at an altitude of 40,000 feet.

The conflicting eyewitness accounts are partly why the Pentagon has been unable to fully explain what the object is, the source briefed on the matter said.

In a statement Saturday, US Northern Command said the command has no new information to share about the object’s “capabilities, purpose or origin,” but noted that recovery efforts are being affected by Arctic weather conditions, “including wind chill, snow and limited daylight.”

The statement added that “fighter aircraft” downed the “high altitude airborne object” on Friday following an order from Biden and said recovery operations for the remains of the object continue Saturday in coordination with the FBI and local law enforcement.

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