NBC News Suddenly Concerned About Domestic Terrorism Charges Now That They’re Being Used Against Antifa

For two solid years now, the liberal media has been breathlessly referring to the J6 Trump supporters as insurrectionists and domestic terrorists.

They had no problem with these people being treated like domestic terrorists and described that way.

Now that members of Antifa have been arrested in Atlanta, Georgia and are being charged as domestic terrorists, the folks at NBC News are deeply concerned about such ‘dangerous overreach.’

What changed?

From NBC News:

Arrests in Atlanta ‘Cop City’ protests raise concerns over domestic terrorism charges

The decision by prosecutors to pursue domestic terrorism charges against opponents of a police training center outside Atlanta is drawing criticism, with some legal experts saying it’s a potentially dangerous overreach that could be viewed as politically motivated.

More than a dozen people have been charged with domestic terrorism in connection with the protests, including seven people after a Jan. 18 confrontation with police who were trying to clear the proposed site of the center, dubbed “Cop City” by critics.

One man was fatally shot by police in the confrontation after he opened fire and wounded a state trooper, authorities said. In protests that followed the killing and the police sweeps, six people were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism.

In December, the same charges were filed against five people after law enforcement moved in to clear barricades and confront protesters.

Critics of domestic terrorism laws, including some civil rights groups, oppose them “because of the risk of politicization, because they can be used against politically disfavored groups by the government,” Patrick Keenan, a professor of law at the University of Illinois, said.

Chris Queen of PJ Media notes the double standard:

Take a look at the way the federal government has treated those who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. While it’s true that there were some people involved in the J6 riots who had nefarious intent to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, the vast majority of those who walked into the Capitol that day were innocent people who found themselves swept along in the excitement of the day. Most of them were peaceful and certainly not violent extremists, insurrectionists, or domestic terrorists.

Consider the Department of Justice under Attorney General Merrick Garland. Garland and his federal law enforcement apparatus have sought to go after parents who disagree with leftist indoctrination in their kids’ school curriculum and targeted pro-life protesters and activists.

If the liberal media wants to know why so many Americans no longer trust them, this would be a great place to start.

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