NATO Gets DESTROYED For Tweet Comparing Ukraine-Russia Conflict To Harry Potter And Other Famous Fantasy Films

Devastation emanating from the Russia Ukraine Conflict

The United States should take great comfort that an organization we spend roughly $36 billion per year on is comparing wars costing billions of dollars and lives to movies.

No wonder President Trump for years has talked about withdrawing from NATO. That $36 billion could be spent on rebuilding our national supply chain and taking care of our citizens.

The official NATO twitter account posted a bizarre message that went viral Wednesday comparing the Ukraine conflict to famous fantasy films such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Braveheart, and more. NATO claims the words are from a soldier in the Ukrainian army.

The relevant tweet reads: We are Harry Potter and William Wallace, the Na’vi and Han Solo. We’re escaping from Shawshank and blowing up the Death Star. We are fighting with the Harkonnens and challenging Thanos.

The responses were absolutely brutal and hilarious:


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