Israeli Left FREAKS OUT, Calls for Civil War, Fighting in the Streets, and Killing Netanyahu

Left-wing protests against the elected government in Israel


The left-wing Israeli opposition escalates its calls for violence and civil war as the new right-wing government tries to rein in the out-of-control Supreme Court. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called them what they are: Sore Losers.

Speaking at the Israeli Bar Association in Eilat on Wednesday, left-wing attorney David Hodak said that he would “have no choice but to use live fire” if someone tried to force him “to live in a dictatorship”, the Jerusalem Post reported.

“If it becomes necessary to go to war over that, I’ll go to war. People are prepared to take up arms … And I’m telling you: If it comes to that, I’ll do it. … There might be a civil war here, unfortunately,” 70-year old Army veteran Hodak escalated.

In a telephone interview the following night with Channel 13’s current-events program “Hazinor,” Hodak doubled down on his statements.  “If they impose a dictatorship on me, I’ll fight,” he said. “What’s not clear?”  Asked if he’d do so with weapons, he replied, “Even with weapons, if necessary.”

“I will do anything necessary to prevent a dictatorship”, Hodak said. “I hope the protest proves effective. If it doesn’t, we’ll proceed to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience. If that doesn’t succeed, we’ll go for violent civil disobedience.”

Ex-Pilot Lt. Col. Ze’ev Raz, one of the organizers of 2021’s violent protests outside the house of then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, called for Netanyahu’s assassination: “If the prime minister assumes dictatorial powers, he has to die, plain and simple, along with his ministers and followers. We, too, should have din rodef (a Jewish law authorizing the murder of someone who intends to harm or kill others”, Ruthie Blum reported on Arutz Sheva.

In a speech on Saturday night at a rally in Haifa, opposition leader Yair Lapid called for “fighting in the streets”: “We’ll fight here in the streets. We’ll fight in the Knesset. We’ll fight in the courts. We’ll rescue our country, because we’re not willing to live in an undemocratic (country).” Ze’ev Raz was interrogated by the Israel Police on Sunday and had to walk his crazy comments back.

Speaking before the Knesset, opposition leader Yair Lapid called the judicial reform “not just erasing democracy, it is the painful destruction of our joint existence.”

The Israeli left cannot win elections, so they have used the leftist Supreme Court to obstruct Netanyahu and the patriotic right wing at every step. Now that the new government wants to restore the balance of powers, they are freaking out.

Yair Lapid said that “for the first time in my life, I am concerned that it (Israeli democracy) won’t survive. If the government completes the legislative process it began, it will be irreparable. The fracture will be too deep. Already now, more and more people are saying to themselves that we are no longer one people. That their country has given up on them,” Lapid said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rightly pointed out the hysterical left were just being sore losers.

“Losing is not easy, but in democracy, there is no other way, you have to know how to accept the verdict of the voter and lose with dignity,” Netanyahu said.

“Many things can and should be debated, but there is one thing that cannot be debated, and that is sedition to violence and calling for murder. This is crossing a red line. Democracy is the rule of the majority, not the rule of the gun”, Netanyahu said.

Writing on Twitter, Netanyahu said that “I expect the leaders of the opposition to act to calm the mood of the people – first and foremost to stop the wild incitement that is raging against me, against my family, against the ministers of the government and against leading members of the Knesset.”

Photos of the previous protests in Tel Aviv were apparently doctored to make the crowd seem bigger than it was.


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