Hollywood Producer Sentenced For Running Prostitution Ring That Supplied Well Known Wealthy Clients

A Hollywood movie producer was sentenced to five years in prison after he admitted to running a prostitution ring that supplied “well-known” wealthy clients with women.

Jordan Dillon a California movie producer previously pled guilty to “conspiracy to violate the Mann Act for his operation of an interstate prostitution business.”

Court records revealed Jordan operated a “high-end” prostitution ring that would provide wealthy clients with women for a charge of $15,000 or above.

Dillon was also found guilty for organizing “sex parties” in the United States and overseas.

One victim spoke during Jordan’s sentencing hearing and stated she never wanted to be a prostitute but Jordan forced her to drink a concoction of drugs which ultimately led her becoming brain damaged.

Jordan’s prostitution ring operated from 2010-2017 and he was able to keep the ring stealth by managing the finances through two shell companies which was a movie production company and an events planning company.

As a movie producer Jordan was listed as producer for the movies “The Kindergarten Teacher” and “The Kid.”


The Kindergarten Teacher was a disturbing film about a kindergarten teacher who became obsessed over her five year old student who would eventually kidnapped him.

Per CBS News, this won’t be Dillon’s first time in prison, previously the disgraced producer spent eight years in a Cuban prison for committing  sex crimes.


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